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Comment Re:Developers love USDP (Score 1) 344

How come nobody has really used / know IDEA (IntelliJ IDEA)? I think IDEA just rocks! many features in netbeans and eclipse are poor copies of IDEA's features. Plus jetbrains - the company that makes IDEA still manage to turn up a profit in the face of free tools such as Eclipse and Netbeans and JDev etc - that means something, doesn't it?

EU Wants Multiple Browser Bundling On New PCs 464

An anonymous reader writes with a link to Ars Technica's report that "the EU is considering forcing Windows users to choose a browser to download and install before they can first browse the Internet, according to The Wall Street Journal (subscription required). While the latest Windows 7 builds let you uninstall IE8, 'third-party browser makers like Opera, Mozilla and Google are pushing for tough sanctions against Microsoft. The EU would rather have a "ballot screen" for users to choose which browsers to download and install as well as which one to set as default. The bundling requirement might end up becoming a responsibility for manufacturers.'"

Comment The real Pipe-dream (Score 1) 292

You know what the real pipe dream would be? The one where Google just saves Sun by buying it - I cannot think of a better, more powerful and more technology friendly company than Google for buying Sun. I know, google is mainly into advertising and Sun is in to hardware & java. But Google is trying to make inroads into telecom / android which is based on J2ME, they use a lot of java, many java experts have moved to google, I think they will find a very good use of Sun and mysql.

Comment Re:Advertiser versus advertiser (Score 1) 426

There is one very big reason for Google to do this, and it's not what many Slashdotters think. Anybody using Firefox or Chrome has Google as their default home. Anybody using IE has MSN as their default home. This is a war over who gets to propagandize you with their ads and collect your personal information. There is no good/evil dichotomy here if that's what you're looking for. Further, I'll end with a categorical statement in order to offend people: Anybody with strong feelings about which web browser is the best is probably spending too much time surfing the web, and is in fact suffering from an internet addiction. IE 7, Opera, and Firefox are all pretty similar from a normal end-user perspective.

effectively using the internet is NOT internet addiction!! making sure that the web experience is the same no matter what kind of machine you are on is not too much to ask neither is it even close to internet addiction!!

Comment Has Eclipse got any better?? (Score 2, Interesting) 56

If I really need to pay for an IDE, then I would buy IntelliJ IDEA [http://www.jetbrains.com/idea/], Eclipse is good as a free tool, it is fantastic as a free tool, but I scarcely see it giving a run for IntelliJ IDEA as far as usability and features are concerned. Of course there is a plugin for everything in Eclipse, but that in my opinion just makes it that much complicated.... Even in free tools I see NetBeans getting far ahead in the long run against Eclipse. A recent Eclipse user.. and IDEA convert

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