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Comment Re:Another reason to ban rifles (Score 1) 1134

You're delusional. From the article you referenced:

Naturally, such examples will be rare.

Well, naturally given a small sample size of folks with guns shooting bad guys, it's going to be even RARER to find an example of collateral damage. However, it's quite reasonable to imagine a scenario where unarmed victims get caught in crossfire. In mass shooting situations, yokels playing Wyatt Earp don't save lives, exit doors do.

Comment Re:why not ... (Score 1) 390

Actually, HOA's are a civil matter and violating a civil contract is not a crime. Thus, they are completely different than what Mr.CRC described.

You don't want to see prostitutes soliciting on street corners. It seems that everyone whose replied to you agrees. The argument is how to get them off the streets, and I think it's been made clear that the way to do that is to legalize and regulate prostitution. We already have regulations on porn, which keeps the actors largely safe from violence, extortion, STDs, etc. (and really, porn is prostitution by any definition). And consensual sex behind closed doors in any other context is perfectly legal, obviously. So, your argument seems to be coming more from a moral perspective than a practical one.

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 372

Thanks for the well thought reply.

Obviously I don't know what your skin color is, and I can't presume to know what this particular police officer was thinking when he shot the man in this video. However, he was fired and is currently out on bond for this shooting. Interestingly, he was just arrested again yesterday for shoplifting. The point is that these types of senseless shootings by police are very much reality if you happen to be black or Latino in the U.S. I'm not going to cite a source on that because I think that you should take a look and discover the information for yourself.

Being afraid to go "downtown" after dark is one thing. It's still your prerogative and it's based on personal experience. I've been mugged, so I understand. Being afraid that a cop is going to shoot you and/or arrest you during a routine traffic stop because of your skin color is another thing entirely, and it's the reason people want more cameras pointed at the police.

Comment Re:SO when you pay people... (Score 1) 500

Norway, for example, which has a lot of Marx-flavored "equality"

Norway's cost of groceries (have fun driving to Sweden to buy frozen pizza!), or its skyrocketing sexual assault rate.

Norway is indeed a failure

You're begging the question. What the hell does a country's sexual assault rate (for which you've provided no sources) have to do with Socialism?

Interestingly, Norway's GDP is quite high, even compared to the U.S.

Comment Caves (Score 2) 76

mutations that drive tumour growth also make cells more susceptible to infection

Interesting. Like cave dwelling creatures who've "lost" (by process of evolution) their sense of sight in order to enhance other senses. It's all good until some other creature invents a flashlight.

Comment Re:Let the Public Decide (Score 2) 439

What are you basing this on?

The average used car sold in the U.S. is now over $18,000. If you're personally fortunate enough to buy a car with cash, then congratulations. That's just not reality for most people. As you say, people need a car to get to work. Hence, they have to buy on credit. Otherwise, no job and no savings right? Chicken, egg?

Also, what's a "first real job" these days?

Comment Re:Issue is more complicated (Score 1) 928

Linus is deliberately taking an absolutist stance though, because he's king. Reducing common polite interpersonal discourse to "lying and backstabbing" is a logical fallacy. You can certainly be blunt without resorting to school yard insults. That so many in this thread are calling this woman a "whiny bitch" is very depressing. I've lost some respect for the slashdot community today.

Comment Re:This was not a screw-up (Score 1) 410

You got another solution?

Bombing cities on the other side of the world is not going to convince the inhabitants that your culture is better or more "moral". Let's try not doing that for a change.

stoning rape victims for adultery in God's name

I'm atheist and believe that all governments based on religion are the truest evil in the world. I'd like to see the Muslim extremists go too. That isn't likely to happen in my lifetime. At any rate, groups like the Taliban cannot keep returning unless they have support from the people around them. Afghanistan is not the U.S.

Now, what I would advocate for is to open our borders to refugees running from the wars we've started.

Your use of ad hominems is immature.

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