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Submission + - India civic elections witness first ever online (

ankitasdeveloper writes: The first-ever e-votes in India were polled yesterday during the elections to six municipal corporations in Gujarat. A voter has to register at State Election Commission (SEC). Explaining the system of e-voting, K C Kapoor, chief of SEC said that for casting of e-votes, a voter would first need to register himself by personally visiting the SEC office where he would be given a special password. For voting, he should go the SEC website and log on by using the password... he will be given a code on his registered mobile phone number by way of SMS and once he enters that code, the e-ballot paper will open on his computer screen. A total of 387 voters have registered out of which only 182 actually voted/qualified.

Submission + - Mukesh Ambani (India) to be the richest in 2014 (

Ankit writes: With a net worth of $62 billion, Indian business tycoon Mukesh Ambani would be the richest man on earth in 2014, according to a forecast issued by the prestigious Forbes magazine. 53-year-old Ambani currently ranks fourth on Forbes' list of the world's billionaires.

Submission + - Android Most Popluar Mobile OS By 2014 1

mikesd81 writes: "According to Gartner research firm, Google's Android smartphone operating system will in a single year have leapfrogged competitors like Apple's iPhone, Research in Motion's Blackberry and Microsoft Windows phones in global popularity, and will challenge Nokia to become the world's most popular mobile OS by 2014. Gartner says that the explosive growth of Android will give it 17.7% of world wide sales by the end of 2010. Robert Cozza, principal research analyst at Gartner, says

"It's a matter of Android really going more into the hands of the mainstream user. The iPhone will remain focused toward the higher end of the market, while through the end of this year and into 2011, all that growth you see in Android will come from the fact that most of the vendors who are backing it will release cheaper smartphones."

Analysts also say there are number of things that could derail Android's growth, including Oracle's lawsuit over Java patents."

Submission + - Mobile cell number as login for webportal?

ankitasdeveloper writes: For one of our clients we have requirements for online admissions. As all students (or newbies on internet) may not have email address, our client suggested to have mobile numbers as a way to login into the web-portal. As far as I know mobile number are subjected to re-assignments by providers, I strongly discouraged this as a requirement. I want to know Slashdot's opinion or consequence on using mobile numbers as usernames. Surely, SMS cannot be used for password recovery. What are the other ways of password recovery can be employed?

Submission + - Open Source Conference Management System

Ankit Jain writes: "Is there any open source Conference Management Software? Preferably a web application.
We are going to organise a research conference where authors can submit papers. What we need is a paper review workflow: user management, paper submission, paper review, comments submission, and notifications."

Submission + - Java's Unreachable Code 1

Ankit Jain writes: "In Java, unreachable code is treated as compilation error. What do you think? Isn't making it warning would have made developers' life simpler? Well, as a good programming habit we always remove warnings from code and here it makes sense to flag a warning. I simply mean that while writing Java code, if you want to skip rest of the code within a function for (adhoc) testing you write return instead of making all lines comment."

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