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Comment Is it /.??! (Score 1) 676

all these jokes about soviet Russia are already boring, in Russia there are no jokes about US and EU, btw. About Nikolai - he is very interesting and clever man, I know him by myself, and these words are just a marketing step,or maybe you think different? (: BTW looks like yellow press, is it really /.?

Comment Russian point of view (Score 1) 265

Nowadays we still have a lot of corruption in Russia. Everything is very easy: buying MS products requires a lot of money and nobody will notice stealing couple of million dollars, but open source software (OSS) costs nothing and stealing money becomes more complicated, so people interested in stealing makes a lot of problems for OSS introduction to schools. So, his is not a technical problem.

Low-Power Home Linux Server? 697

mpol writes "For years I've been using a home server with Linux, but recently I've been having doubts about the electric bill. I'm not touched by the recession yet, but I would like to cut costs, and going from a 100-Watt system to a 30-Watt system would save me 70 bucks a year. The system doesn't need to do much, just apache, imap, ssh and some nfs, but I do prefer to have a full-fledged system, where I can choose what to install on it. I also don't really care if it's a low-power Via or an ARM processor as long as it's cheap. I'm aiming for $300 or less for a full system, which I could then earn back in about four years through power savings. I've been reading about the Western Digital Mybook World Edition, which has an ARM processor but isn't that easy to install Debian on. A Mac Mini draws about 85 Watts, so that isn't an option either. Something a bit more than turn-key would be fine, but preferably not a complete hack-job. Adding a temporary CR-ROM or DVD-ROM, or a USB disk with an iso to install from would be nice. Any Slashdotters run nice and cheap low-power Linux systems? What can you recommend?"

Comment russian point of view (Score 4, Interesting) 242

Hey guys, here is my point of view from Russia:

  1. First of all jokes about communism and Red OS are not funny (here), we fed of them a lot, really. It was finished 18 years ago, maybe enough?
  2. Really "red" meant "beautiful" about 2 centuries ago in russian. Borsch is very tasteful! (:
  3. Russian linux community has a lot of discussions about this theme. A lot of people think that most effective action is spending money on current russian open source developers to improve international software. Of course we need better localizations in some cases. In my point of view it's the best way, but..
  4. Government need to see a real result, such as rusisian OS, so as I think, they would not spend money on current developers and try to create new team with it's own distribution, or, maybe, to spend money on one of current russian distributions (ALT Linux is the likely one, as I see).
  5. Windows is really looks like free OS now here, about 95% of home users have pirate version. I think something should be done and linux is the best way.
  6. Actually nobody knows here (except government :) what this OS will look like: will it be just another linux distro, or will it be OS based on linux, but with closed sources. Everybody understand it will not be a new OS, it's really impossible.

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