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Enterprise 2.0 47

mantex writes "The title of this book combines two coded terms — 'Web 2.0' and 'The Enterprise' — for which read 'social networking software' and 'Big Business.' And the purpose is to show how the techniques and concepts behind Web 2.0 applications (blogs, wikis, tagging, RSS, and social bookmarking) can be used to encourage collaboration efforts in what was previously thought of as secretive, competitive businesses." Read on for the rest of Roy's review.

Comment Themed PCs... (Score 1) 261

Neat idea, but how long before this becomes just plain ridiculous?

How long before they begin marketing Martha Stewart PCs to moms, NFL PCs to dads, and Teletubby PCs to the kids?

In exchange for higher prices and lower quality comes some company's label? Give me a break...

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