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Comment Only Brainteasers, doubt it..... (Score 2) 672

Anyone can write code, but not everyone has the ability to think outside of the box. Brain teasers are probably a great way to weed out those that aren't creative, provided you follow them up with questions showing they know how to do the job.

I serriously doubt Google doesn't follow up with relevant skill questions. Fail the brain teaser first; you save interviewers time, and leave no question to why you didn't get the job.

Comment Re:It's for Norton 2006, which is significantly ol (Score 1) 116

Recent versions allow quarenting on behaviors, like flashxxx.ocx tries to write to c:\windows\.... Figure out the function hook, and you can bypass these actions before they occur.

In addition, any encryption keys embedded would be fair game. possibly allowing to impersonate a live update server.

Reasons it's not relevant:
Any decent virus writer has disassembled it more than a Jetta in your average chop shop.

Corporate IT departments rarely read Vendor best practices and miss the boat on writing to system directories, registries, and other common ways to infect a machine.

Impersonating/Man in the middle attempts with encryption keys are a PITA to employe, more effort than anyone skimming account numbers would care to carry out. Now targeted attacks are another story.

Comment Re:Not possible on a shared host (Score 1) 182

Amen, but if you are developing the application, encrypting the data stored in the DB is a must and in some cases a requirement for PII.
It's probably just as if not more important as sanitizing input and keeping an OS up to date because you don't know who in tech support will have access, and where they store the backups.

Comment Re:It's.. (Score 2, Interesting) 157

It won't work in real people's houses, because people will walk past and curtains will flutter in the wind!
If it works as said, it tracks object motion, no motion. Technology is out there for facial recognition. Tracking wouldn't be that hard, assuming it doesn't kill the CPU.

It will never get any decent games!
It's a glorified Key mapper, no one needs to support it:
Users can then program the emulation based on the game they want to control and the object(s) they want to control the game with.

Submission + - Sony sues developers of their CD rootkit

angus_rg writes: Sony BMG Music Entertainment is now claiming that their CD rootkit was defective, and is now suing the company that developed it. Apparently, this defect cost the record company millions of dollars for something they did not intend, and they feel $12,000,000 will ease the burn. Call me crazy, but it seemed like it worked the way it was intended.

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