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Comment Re: Don't speak for 'all of europe' (Score 3, Informative) 460

Background, I'm from Finland and I have a close friend who is a taxi driver.

Here the availability and the waiting time of "real" taxis is usually not an issue. Not even sure if Uber exists in my city. I do however see that there is a huge disconnect between what taxis are (and are obliged to) and what the general public perceives and this is part of the reason why people might like Uber while complaining about taxi prices.
Here taxis are not one big company, even if all taxis are similar and identical pricing - they usually are 1-4 car companies that have astronomical insurance costs and have to pay copyright mafia if radio is on. The insurance cost is a major factor why they are more expensive than Uber, also something most customers never know about unless they are in an accident where they get hurt or belongings damaged. In these cases the customer is fully covered unlike in some Uber car.
In addition the small taxi companies have to have their work healthcare, retirement payments and other things in order.

The amount of taxis the taxis companies cannot affect even if they wanted - there is a certain amount of licenses for a certain area (by gov. or municipality, not sure which).

Because how the system works, there unfortunately also lies the reason why there isn't a fancy, with serious money developed app for phones.

Tl;dr Drivers and customers are protected in "real" taxis.

Comment Re:A reminder... (Score 2) 94

Back in the 90-ies I used to run a popular BBS, I tried to go modern and multitask with win31 instead of desqview. Users forced me to change and I went for OS/2 which worked wonders (maybe - 92).. What I remember to this day is that some stuff just was much more logical in OS/2 than still in this day in windows (DnD, drag on appicon etc.)

Really liked it and it is nice to see that its legacy is living on.

Comment Re:warning! (Score 1) 245

And the scariest part is that the parent got modded +5 insightful instead of funny.

You shouldn't judge someone before even giving them a chance.

Some time ago I was talking with a girl from china, if you fail a class you are put amongst "the less bright ones" there. She was bright but had had an accident and therefore grades dropped temporary, she got transferred. To get any chance of decent education after that, she had to move to a different country.

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