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Comment Re:I disagree (Score 1) 299

Thaylin you may have been correct at one time mostly because of Lineage - NC Soft is a Korean company and naturally followed the Korean MMO conventions. At the present time, however, you are misinformed. Auto Assault, Guild Wars, Dungeon runners (still in beta) Exteel (still in beta) Tabula Rasa (in pre-beta) and the highly anticipated Aion Tower of Eternity. All these games were/are being developed with the idea that players should be able to enjoy their gaming experience even if they don't have massive amounts of time to spend playing. In fact Dungeon Runners and Exteel (both of which I've played) are both "Log on have some fun and log off" high action games. The same can be said for Auto Assault; while there is some grinding in the game, grinding basically comes down to driving a car around the game world and blowing everything you see into dust and puddles of assorted bio-matter. Tabula Rasa which I haven't yet played follows the same type of system and the developers of Aion claim to have done away with the "grind" completely. Maybe you should check your facts before you calling people trolls.

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