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Submission + - The sad truth about Google Glass (

itwbennett writes: Tech writer Kevin Purdy won the opportunity to buy Google Glass with his #ifihadglass contest entry. And he recently spent 7 days gamely playing along with Google's experiment, trying to find 'the tension point with the information we can keep at our fingertips, in our field of vision, awaiting our verbal command.' Along the way he discovered all sorts of reasons why Glass is a worthy experiment — for Google, if not quite yet for the user. But the saddest reality may be that with Glass on your face your world looks pretty much the same as it always does — no more or less interesting.

Submission + - Jack Vance dead at 96 (

angelofdarkness writes: Jack Vance died Sunday evening. He was 96. Thank you for the stories and adventures and for influencing the game i still play after all these years.

From the article:

A science fiction Grand Master, Vance is probably best remembered for his four Dying Earth novels, which take place in a far-future Earth where the sun has dimmed and magic has been reestablished as a dominant force. They feature a brilliant picaresque adventure tone, including the unforgettable thief Cugel the Clever, and they were also celebrated in a recent anthology Songs of the Dying Earth, edited by George R.R. Martin and Gardner Dozois. These books contain Vance's characteristic ironic, lightly humorous style, which has influenced generations of science fiction writers.

Comment Re:MOD UP Re:This is blindingly obvious (Score 1) 183

True, but the paper ballot lends itself to countless shenanigans and vote buying. And there is the non-trivial matter of counting the millions of votes and the associated interpretation of what constitutes a legal vote (i.e. the X is not centered on the party's symbol so this vote is null). As previously noted, the system scales badly with increasing number of voters.

Comment Re:So (Score 1) 542

You do know that the retiring pope is one of the progressive guys who brought about Vatican II, right? He's also a philosopher with tons of PhDs (as was the previous one) and in that position explicitly said he doesn't believe Jesus either resurrected or actually is God incarnate. These are a few among the many, many reasons actual conservative Catholics don't like him.

HAHAHAHAHHA!!! Don't know if you're serious or trolling, but this is the funniest thing I've read in this thread. Seriously, Pope Benny XVI progressive ?!?!

This pope, as the old one, are a bunch of far-right conservative pricks and all the PhDs in the world won't make them less reactionary.
A meddler in the politics of other nations, the prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (previously known as the Supreme Sacred Congregation of the Roman and Universal Inquisition) and the puppetteer behind Pope John Paul II is a progressive guy? HEHEHE you're killing me.

This pope is resigning because he is tied to a whole bunch of scandals: the cover-up of child offending priests, the Vatileaks scandal and the Magdalene laundries in Ireland are just some of the controversial issues he is being associated with.
He is resigning because he is beginning to be bad publicity for the vatican.
He doesn't care if actual catholics do not like him, if they don't follow what the pope says (Papal infallibility) they are simply not good catholics and should conform as soon as possible to the status quo (his) or burn in hell. And I can't even say good riddance because they will elect another reactionary, close minded world affair meddler to replace this one.

Comment A mix of choices (Score 1) 348

Depending on the dish it could be:
- fresh or dried chili homegrown and added to the pot
- a mix of different chilies soaked in olive oil for 40 days.

The oil is good for adding heat to a dish after it is cooked, while fresh/dried chilies are best added while cooking.
Oh, and all my chilies are home grown (2 o 3 different varieties).
The Internet

Submission + - Sociologists Rule Wikipedia a "War Zone" not a collaborative Project ( 1

horselight writes: "A new study by sociologists studying social networking have determined that Wikipedia is not an intellectual project based on mutual collaboration, but a war zone. The study finds that although the content does end up being accurate as a rule, it's anything but neutral or unbiased. The study includes extensive data on access and editing patterns of users related to major events, such as the death of Michael Jackson and the edit storms that ensued."

Submission + - Android 4.0 Tablet Selling Under £100 in UK (

YokimaSun writes: Today Android News has posted details of the first 10inch Android Tablet running 4.0 of Googles OS in the UK for less than £100. With a Vimicro 1.2GHz Frequency processor , 4G NandFlash HDD , 1GB DDR3 RAM & 2D/3D Graphics Hardware Acceleration it may not be a genuine rival for the iPad but at a quarter of the price of an iPad 2 would you consider it?

Submission + - Nvidia loses huge order due to binary blob (

David Gerard writes: "Phoronix reports: The Chinese, who also developed the Loongson MIPS CPU, were looking to order at least ten million graphics processors. The problem is that the GeForce/Quadro driver from NVIDIA is only available for Linux x86 and x86_64 architectures, not MIPS or even ARM (only the Tegra driver is for ARMv7). NVIDIA refused to release the source-code to their high-performance feature-complete cross-platform driver to the Chinese, and it would cost them millions of dollars to port the code-base, so they went to AMD for their GPU order."

Submission + - Google Doodle - A Turing Machine Puzzle (

mikejuk writes: The Google Doodle is often a masterpiece of design but this time it is a masterpiece of computer science. The doodle is a complete Turing Machine that you can interact with in an attempt to solve a puzzle. You have to select which logical elements are needed to convert one number on the tape into a target number. The article explains the increasingly difficult steps of the puzzle but then lets you solve it — but there is a YouTube video that simply gives you the answers if you really get stuck.

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