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Comment Re:How it should work (Score 1) 138

Not necessarily directly at parent above, but don't you just love how anyone attempting to do anything beyond the norm, particularly if they attempt to do it with style and flair, attracts waves of these Internet plageules suffering from orifice confusion regarding excretory function, provoking them to effluv from their apparently boundless witless reservoirs.

Meanwhile Boeing, which has in fact been in the airline business their entire life can't seem to hit a 787 delivery date to literally save their lives, ditto Lockheed with the F-35 plus bagging the odd additional billion every few months in overruns, while GM couldn't find their backside with both hands, much less make a car without egregious doses of commie-style proletarian cash infusion from the pockets of the masses (to protect the workers, no less! Bailout via mass foreclosure, what’s not to love?)

Which, to make a disingenuous stab at returning to my original topic, our favorite booger-picker-eaters ignore totally while the likes of SpaceX and Tesla apparently provoke them to helpless fits of involuntary greasy discharge?

Maybe we should we rally Congress to enact at further hideous expense mandatory installation of two properly oriented toilets in every stall for the special needs of this subspecies, to divert attention and resources from the SLS Senate Launch System because if one of those suckers ever suffers a launch failure the pork fallout will be simultaneously seismic and noachian, besides sundry and other unmitigatable consequences of trying to make pigs fly. Kill two forms of excretory excess with one obscenity, so to speak.

Comment Re:Transition Movement (Score 4, Funny) 764

There is little proof that "organic" is truely organic.

Love it when button-pushing ability exceeds knowledgeability. /. so good for tech stuff, so amazingly bad beyond that. As a former fighter pilot i'm definitely sub-par at code, but, don't they teach you guys something like when you learn trigger control, "keyboard control"? You'd think among so many extraordinary primates, QC on the stuff that distinguishes us from the lesser primates would be more fashionable.

Seriously! Plot content quality on a 'scope, where 0 is the BS line i think it would be a square wave, max amplitude high for tech/geek, max low for everything else.

Comment Re:cool (Score 1) 231

Images in aircraft HUD's are focused at infinity (holo image), so when you look at the scenery the image is in focus. So for the cheap model, just stare off into space. For the upgrade add some eyeball sensor wiz to track your focus. Don't remember where I saw it, but someone already figured out how to do that. Next, go full 3D with transparencies in front of both eyes. Styrofoam swords and spears, the other guys on the battleground see my Krull rig and a real-looking sword. Paint-balling with full FX overlay, Hooah! 'been waiting a couple of decades for this--ready for it now.

Wil Wheaton Strikes Back 433

You may recall that sometime last November we put up a request for questions to be passed on to author, voice actor, comedian, and card shark Wil Wheaton. Seven months and many adventures later, Wil has responded in depth to the excellent queries Slashdot users put to him. If you're curious about what's kept him, what it's like to be a Teen Titan, or how to use the LCARS User Interface, read on for his responses.

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