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Comment It was mostly lies to begin with. (Score 5, Insightful) 308

They were never going to widely deploy 1Gbps anywhere, in the first place. They had stated to share holders that their capital expenditures would hardly go up to implement this in 35 cities, meaning they weren't really going to be doing very much anyway, other than uncapping existing fiber from dsl speeds.


Comment Re:Inevitable (Score 2) 294

If corporations are people, can they get married? This is silly. Corporations are not people. Yes all the people who own the corporation ARE people, but the corporation is not.

I think the owners should obviosly retain all their rights, but I don't think they have all their rights when using corporate money. However, when using their OWN money, they should be able to do whatever they like.

There are still campaign contribution limits for good reason, and allowing super pacs to spend money on arguably the most expensive part of a campaign makes a mockery of our election system.

Comment Re:Inevitable (Score 5, Insightful) 294

Corporate personhood is the root of a lot of evil in our country. I think if corporations want to be people, they need to be properly accountable to our justice system, including the death penalty. They should have to serve jury duty, they should not be allowed to be dual citizens, etc.

Right now corporations are getting mostly the good stuff when it comes to being a person, and the few things they have to suffer with (taxes and some pesky laws), they do their best at bribing politicians to fix. Oh, I mean, donating, not bribing.

Comment Re:Farm subsidies (Score 1) 842

Well, at least the corn subsidies are already expired. They expired on January 1st, 2012. It will be interesting to see if there is any actual change in the price of HFCS. There's a chance that HFCS prices could actually go down in the short term, since selling their corn for ethanol will not be as profitable this year.

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