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Comment Action-RPG? or Adventure? (Score 1) 480

If your thinking of action RPG i'd recommend torchlight or some of the older infinity engine games like Baldur's Gate 2 if you have a more story-driven/strategy leaning. When it comes to adventures try The Longest Journey. You and your daughter will love it, hell you should try it even if you really ment Action-RPGs.

Comment Re:Speaker companies should sue each other (Score 1) 465

KRK have sued other companies in the past. Whether for infringing core cabinet designs or the yellow on black motif IANAL so i'm not sure but where is that grey line between branding and simple ergonomic,brand or technical design. Personally I think the patent would need to be far more specific in this case for it to fly but I guess that's for a judge/jury to decide.

Comment Re:Well (Score 1) 405

Izambard Kingdom Brunel didn't have to build the Great Eastern or the Clifton Suspension bridge, arguably these feats of engineering weren't required. However the act of building them is the essence of engineering itself. Its about pushing boundries with the materials at your disposal and doing things that can't be done.

Comment Re:extra thermal paste is NOT a problem (Score 1) 531

> The official apple repair guide they released on the issue was simply; unseat the heatsink, apply copious amounts of thermal paste (with picture showing a complete topping overflowing on all four sides), re-seat heatsink and you're good to go. I'm assuming you through that repair guide in the bin.

Comment I can't see it happening (Score 1) 332

I honestly can;t see it i've typed on the iPad and the lack of a tactile interface makes all the difference in the world. The reason why the keyboard won;t die is exactly the same as why the mixing desk hasn't died in the audio industry. A tactile interface connects the user to what they are doing, how theya re doing it and what they have done. I honestly can't see touch screens as they are now affecting it that much.

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