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Comment Re:welleee (Score 1) 888

I agree with the parent, and there is a good reason. We hired a guy who had done something like this a while back. Now he never to my knowledge did anything like it again, but he was generally not as mature as others in his peer group, and I think as a result his work was substandard.

Comment Re:Wishful thinking (Score 5, Funny) 249

This just in - they got a response:

Dear Earthling,

Hello! I am a creature from a galaxy far away, visiting your planet.
I have transformed myself into this text file. As you are reading it, I
am having sex with your eyeballs. I know you like it because you are
smiling. Please pass me on to someone else because I'm really horny.

Comment Re:LogMeIn (Score 3, Funny) 454

Often, if I am eating chinese food for dinner, lomein, for example, I'll use logmein to login to my work computer. The manual in german was very controversial, as it was called "logmeinkamp". Then there was the porn that it came with as a "trojan", titled "Me Log is In ".

Comment Re:And this is on slashdot why? (Score 2, Interesting) 253

I don't even have a license. Anecdotally, it seems that techies drive less than other people, unless of course they live in someplace like silicon valley. But I'd bet there's less interest in cars and motorcycles among computer geeks than, say, mechanical engineers. Anyone what to chime in with their preferences/opinions?

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