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Comment Re: Maybe (Score 1) 840

I had the exact same thoughts. It then occurred to me that random mutation isn't any better at preparing us for that cataclysmic event. Random mutations will still happen, we are just adding our own selection.
If we are picking strength and mental agility I can't really see this going the wrong way. It's actually just an acceleration of the selection process we use when picking mates.

Comment Passpack (Score 1) 446

I use passpack. I see a lot of people using lastpass. I honestly think passpack is better.
I began using passpack, switched to lastpass and then switched back to passpack.
How is it going with the implementation of tags over at lastpass? Still using single groups instead?
The cool thing about passpack is the javascript bookmarklet for one click signon, no need for any extension...

Comment Re:What's the advantage? Why does it matter? (Score 1) 314

I do not have anything to back this up, but my suspicion is that women are not only underrepresented but HUGELY underrepresented in this field.

Sure: pick any other male dominated field of work and you might see the same underrepresentation.
CS is different though, it resembles physics, mathematics and other fields, where women are represented quite well. It's a white collar job. I suspect no other white collar job has this kind of underrepresentation of women..(?) Am I on to something here or is this nonsense?

Comment Re:Aren't all CAPTCHAs doomed to fail eventually? (Score 2) 109

"Anything a computer can generate it can understand."
Well that's besides the point, isn't it? A computer can generate and understand hashes, but that does not mean they are easily breakable

You just need to make the decoding much harder than the encoding. There must still be computational areas in the visual domain where we humans are way more efficient.

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