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Comment Re:IEEE Stinks (Score 1) 115

While I'm glad they came up with this new standard, I wish they wouldn't use the IEEE for this stuff. Now if someone wants to look at the standard they will be charged an outrageous price like $250. $250 for something that will be at most 50 pages, in other words they charge $5 per page.

Well, to be fair, it took them about 2 weeks to write each page.

Comment Well, maybe not (Score 2, Insightful) 378

I know this is slashdot, so if anything goes wrong we must blame any copyright protection schemes in place, but according to insiders, it's actually a problem with blu-ray's java, and the players that are having problems just need a firmware update. And according to people with ps3s and the movie, the ps3 plays them fine, note how the article says the load times are *up to* two minutes. Don't you just love it when people leave things nice and vague so you can make the situation sound much better/worse than it really is? Although I'm a blu-ray fan, I'm not really apologizing (problems are problems), I thought I'd clarify, especially the bit about the ps3. I wouldn't know anything first hand, I don't like either movie, and Fox tends to charge too much for their blu-ray movies anyway.
XBox (Games)

Submission + - Microsoft admits all 360s sold so far are flawed

An anonymous reader writes: CNN reports that Microsoft has admitted all xbox 360 consoles sold in the past 19 months suffer from a design flaw. But it does not have any plans to start a recall program.

It seems like everyone with a functional (like myself) are lucky. This seems to be a bad time for Microsoft. But as a 360 owner, I am glad they actually admitted this instead of denying and repeating their line on how the actual failure rate is very low.
Hardware Hacking

Submission + - A Keyboard on the Edge

An anonymous reader writes: One of the fastest growing trends in consumer electronics is what some people have started to call tech luxury. These are goods that are all about style and performance and don't really concern themselves with the price. One of the best examples of this is Logitech's new diNovo Edge keyboard. It's looks great, has a big price tag, and has lots of innovative features, but has no mouse or numberpad. From the article, "Keyboards don't have to be boring. They don't have to be blocky, beige tools that are tethered to the back of your computer. Companies like Logitech have made it so that keyboards can be comfortable, wireless, stylish, interesting, and, maybe even cool."

Submission + - How A "Superbaby" Is Leading To New Medic

An anonymous reader writes: A baby boy with unusually big muscles — caused by a gene mutation — is leading to new muscular dystrophy drugs. Forbes has the story, from the gene's discovery in mice, then in cattle (lots of beefy breeds have a mutated copy) to the current quest for new medicines, which pits a tiny biotech against drug giant Wyeth. ml?partner=yahoomag

Submission + - Year of the pig Google Logo censured

Staalorm writes: Using anon proxy you can see that many countries don't display the Chinese "year of the pig" logo from Google. USA has it and China too, but many European countries don't. What is the criteria Google uses not to display the piglet-logo? In previous years all countries could view the "year of the monkey" and the "year of the dog". Are Google afraid of an Islamic equivalent of the Danish cartoon-row?

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