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Comment LOST (Score 1) 449

If it were me, and I only had 3 minutes left, I'd grab a pen from my pocket and carve into my shoulder "4-8-15-16-23-42" to send a message to my family that 'even if the ending sucked, at least I will find happiness in purgatory.'

Comment bitcoin (Score 0) 59

I guess I won't be able to earn some bitcoin [1] from this? Oh well! Worth finding aliens, but to be honest, quantum communication is probably the best way to communicate with advanced civilizations. Our best chance of finding alien life at the moment is probably bacterial on Enceladus [2].

In 2005, the Cassini spacecraft performed several close flybys of Enceladus, revealing the moon's surface and environment in greater detail. In particular, the probe discovered a water-rich plume venting from the moon's south polar region. This discovery, along with the presence of escaping internal heat and very few (if any) impact craters in the south polar region, shows that Enceladus is geologically active today. Moons in the extensive satellite systems of gas giants often become trapped in orbital resonances that lead to forced libration or orbital eccentricity; proximity to the planet can then lead to tidal heating of the satellite's interior, offering a possible explanation for the activity.

Enceladus is one of only three outer solar system bodies (along with Jupiter's moon Io and Neptune's moon Triton) where active eruptions have been observed. Analysis of the outgassing suggests that it originates from a body of sub-surface liquid water, which along with the unique chemistry found in the plume, has fueled speculations that Enceladus may be important in the study of astrobiology




Submission + - Apple iPhone 5 To Sell on September 13 ? (

tincat7788 writes: Even though Steve Jobs have kept mum on any details about the new iPhone 5, test centres, OEM parts manufacturers and operators have revealed a little of what they know about the new handheld. According to Gene Munster, managing director and senior research analyst at Piper Jaffray, the next generation iPhone could be announced on 24 August, and goes on retail on 13 September.

Comment P2P (Score 1) 301

The key factor for this piece of news to me is that Bittorrent is using less bandwidth than Netflix. Does this prove that being allowed to watch tv on the computer swayed people from downloading "illegally", or is this just a coincidence? I think it is likely a coincidence since Netflix has been expanding customers and increasing their titles for "Watch Instantly". But I would be very curious to know of the affect Netflix has on swaying people who were just really looking for a way to watch tv online and were willing to pay for it.

Comment Re:Go go Google (Score 1) 138

While this is true for serious drugs, there are quite a few drugs that require a prescription that should obviously not be, making it very difficult for people to get affordable care. Off the top of my head, one of the biggest examples of this is with small-dosed allergy meds like Zyrtec and Allegra. For the longest time, you could only buy these meds with a prescription and without insurance, it cost a ridiculous amount of money. While overdosing on allergy meds can be bad, for the most part, they are not that harmful. It is quite necessary for a large population to get quick access to allergy meds, especially if they are risk for anaphylactic shock. After many years, they are both sold over the counter and there are generics for the drugs that are significantly less.

Think of it this way: Imagine if you had to go to the doctor to get a prescription for Tylenol or a multivitamin? These are drugs that are deemed safe, used by the majority of the population, and they need quick access to. It would really suck if you had to go to pay a hefty fee to wait a while to see a doctor for a common headache.

To support your argument, you actually can easily overdose on vitamins and tylenol and it can be quite deadly. The thing is, even if you are prescribed a drug, there is still a risk that people can overdose, even with a doctor-set quantity of pills. It is really up to the population to follow the instructions and not abuse medications. It happens often, but a majority of people actually do follow the guidelines of when to take their pills.

What I propose is they do the same thing they did with pseudophedrine. You use to be able to buy Sudafed over the counter to help with nasal swelling and stuffy noses. A lot of people used it responsibility until people found they could use it to make crystal meth. They did not require a prescription for the drug. What they did was that you walk to the pharmacy counter, show your ID, and then you can get the drug. They keep a government record for the number and length of times that you bought that prescription. If you bought the drug within a certain amount of time, you could only be allowed to buy the drug with a prescription from your doctor allowing you to take more. This is basically what doctors do with prescriptions anyway. The difference is that you do not need to see the doctor to know if the drug is right for you, but you can save a small fortune on medical bills. These improvements are great for poor people that have to choose between eating and taking their pills. I do think even harder drugs should be legal, like marijuana, just sold in very small doses. The difference is, the doctor can advise you, instead of having to make decisions for you. Doctors should be able to have access to the drugs you buy, and if it hits a warning in their system that you should not take it, then you can't buy it. But you make these decisions every day about moderation. Heck, drinking too much coffee can kill you! There is no need for control of meds by the medical industry to have such a major influence over price. This is more about price gouging than it is about your health safety. Yes, the risk of overdose by people may increase, but I think the right to these drugs in a freer market is more important.

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