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Comment Re:Pharmaceutical Science (Score 1) 668

You are partly right, I am not familiar with homeopathy, however you are missing the point, a lot of the comments here are assuming, without any science, that homeopathy does not work. They then accuse others of having beliefs not based on science, which to me is very hypocritical.
Washing hands before and after surgery was considered pseudo-science, despite statistics proving it worked.
Not knowing the reason it works does not mean that it does not work, that is not how pure science operates.
In this example they are not claiming it does not work, or even claiming that it does work, they are simply saying that nobody has spent millions of dollars finding out.

Comment Pharmaceutical Science (Score 1) 668

None of these surveys state that homeopathy does not work, or is not effective, they are simply stating that any studies that have been done do not meet the standards required for pharmaceutical products.
Pharmaceutical science does not compare the effectiveness of product A against product B, it simply states that statistically product A works, and any side effects are not worse than the original condition. This pharmaceutical science has been proven to be wrong for every pharmaceutical product withdrawn from sale.
Conducting a pharmaceutical science experiment costs millions of dollars, and is only done if the manufacturer is reasonably confident that the pharmaceutical product will work, and that the cost of doing the study can be recovered by charging any other manufacturers licence fees and by making a very good profit for every product sold.
Homeopathy products do not meet the cost recovery barrier that pharmaceutical science requires, and so they are based on the same raw science that provides the pharmaceutical science candidates.
Homeopathy products do meet the cost recovery barrier of pharmaceutical science are no longer called homoeopathy products, they are called pharmaceutical products, even if they have been changed to be less effective.

Comment Re:Placebos (Score 1) 668

First of all a "No placebos do not work" statement is made, promptly followed by admitting the placebo effect is real. Make up your mind, if the placebo effect is real then by definition placebos do work. Also in the same post fraud seems to be defined by price, and the supposed intelligence of the buyers. By that same logic anybody selling product X that makes a large profit is guilty of fraud, depending on the observers opinion of the buyers intelligence. Is Coka Cola also guilty of fraud because they make huge profits combined with you not liking their products ?

Comment Money talks (Score 2) 266

And so after sacking any scientist that did actual research, and slashing the EPA budget, and specificly exempting fracking from any laws that stop anybody else from polluting or contaminating drinking water, the EPA now releases a report based on information from the fracking companies themselves that says "most" fracking wells do not contaminate drinking water. Toxic fumes are not considered. This is mostly because the water was never tested before-hand and those toxins specific to fracking "might" have been there before they started. Does anybody think that releasing this report that has taken years to create, at the same time that States are stopping citys and counties from banning fracking is just coincidence ?
This EPA report is not based on science, it is based on pharmaceutical science, where research is simply not done on things that might harm profits. The report does not reflect the facts so much as it reflects how far corruption has seeped into politics. Cancer causing Roundup in your food anybody ? , only if it makes a profit, Secret international trade deals that prevent GMO food labeling ? Copyright laws that make killing someone less of a crime than copying a movie ? Copyright laws that keep getting extended instead of reduced as it becomes easier to make and publish ? Welcome to the land of the free, where liberty is the highest priority.

Comment Do not bail out, buy out. (Score 1) 649

Rather than bailing the banks out, they should buy whatever number of shares instead. The Bank still has liquid assets to continue trading, and the goverment can sell those shares in the future. While the goverment have shares special rules apply, all management bonuses for the last 10 years need to be repayed within 12 months, no management bonuses while the goverment has shares. No manager to receive more than a given wage referance point, possibly a politicians wage at whatever level. The federal manager cannot receive more than the prime minister, a state manager cannot receive more than a state political leader, a branch manager cannot receive more than a council politician. Jail time sounds good, but remember these people are above the law, so it will never happen.

Comment Re:Few Questions (Score 3, Interesting) 160

A) Did these people not scan their computer reasonably enough to detect the malware.
If the scanner was able to pick it up.

B) Did these people run a completely insecure OS allowing them to be infected
Should MS Windows users be banned from using the Internet ? Well yes they should, but I cannot see that happening.

C) DId these people have enough common sense to run firewall software to prevent the infection
What good is a firewall, the hardware port to the modem needs to be open to use the Internet. End of story.

>D) Did they not notice there modems dial out to a number they didn't authorise
Not if the malware waited till there was no keyboard activity, or the melware turned off the modem sound before it called.
Even if you were using the phone line when it tried to call you might not spot it, just a couple of clicks while the modem tried to get a dial tone.
The only indication is if you tried to make a call in the middle of the malware call, and even then, a lot of people might blame the phone company.

Yes it is entirely his own fault.

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