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Comment Re (Score 1) 150

It should be completely obvious that they smuggled them back because they had information on yen that the Chinese dictator does not want to be public. It is also obvious that they intentionally limit the supply for the same reason, and that is why there is so much strife there, and we are getting more strife here. The truth about what goes on upon censorship slaps a "benevolent" dictator in the face, one way or another.

Comment i wrote my congressman about this (Score 1) 176

I wrote a quick email to my congressman, who is a Republican. I was a little sleepy when I did because I get I'll from time to time. I voted for him. Basically, I feel as though copyright law has oppressed people from time to time. More than you'd think. There are areas of our country that never get many books to read, artwork, or music. There are countries that would never get to read the Bible or even Edgar Allen Poe's poetry because of censorship. I'm all for paying the fiddler, but take a ride through the south right now if you have the guts to do so and see some of these areas I speak of man. Piracy can oppress or bring you out of it, depending. Literacy is important to the GOP, right?

Comment personally... (Score 1) 345

I think it should be illegal for depictions of sodomy to be sold, as well as sites that do not require age verification through some type of identification that's hard to fake like through your we can because of the health risks involved with sodomy, which include std's, internal bleeding when the intestinal wall is ruptured, etc. I also think cartoons depicting it should be illegal also because of the risk of exposure to children, and their desensitization causes a further health risk, as well as its obviously abuse for a child to end up with this material by the permission of the child's parents, duh.

Comment Re:Not built for speed?!? (Score 1) 236

They had an article about silicon valley's morals declining a while back. It should be obvious that ethic and efficiency correlate in most cases. Things can seem to function that belong in a garbage dumb. Must not have been around very long if you haven't seen a computer like that. There's hope for people, but the source code of windows and other oses should definitely be audited by trustworthy programmers. That's a bit of your problem there.

Comment Re:maybe (Score 4, Insightful) 878

The down side is the majority of the hippies that did a lot of drugs died young. From my own experience, its a bad idea to try to accomplish anything high. Coming from a guy who has done drugs, you'd be much better suited for your position sober. I would not employ you if I knew you were on drugs either. Get your lives together.

Comment my opinion (Score 0) 305

There should be more regulation of pornographic materials. Sodomy is illegal in this state, and its not because the lawmakers are ignorant. Its because it can be manslaughter. People die from intestinal walls being busted more often than you think, and honestly, I think depictions of it shouldn't be legal because of that fact. Also, I don't think any pornographic website should be easy for a child to enter, and I'm aware of net nanny. I'm also aware that a number of kids are like I was and net nanny wouldn't be much help. These are serious problems, and sex offenders have rights also, especially under certain circumstances. I do think they should be required to stay off of certain sites, depending. There's a good bit to how a law like that should be worded and enforced.

Comment The thing about it (Score 0) 388

Not every programmer thinks they know everything, even young ones. The shelf life of one depends on if he gets the training he needs, and whether or not he gets shot for snitching on dope dealers by crooked military officials who allowed the crap to get here. That's all I've been trying to say. That's the thing. That's what I've been trying to tell yas.

Comment Re:Since when is Slashdot a political site? (Score 0) 469

"Elections" right... Not to sound like one of those loons that sits around and reads conspiracy theories about the "illuminati," but, honestly, do you not see the corruption that goes on in this country? There's obviously some of that going on, and there have been places that were proven to be doing this intentionally in recent years. So to what degree does electioneering actually occur? How much of what we hear about is fact and how much is fictional propaganda. Seems like there is a good bit of this to me. Some of it has been exposed on the news publicly, and for every case that is revealed, it's often censored to a degree to sedate people from having more riots, which I also disagree with. Civil disobedience is one thing, murder is something you have to live with, if you live.

Comment Duh (Score 0) 469

Well, 90% of what I see here denies the existence of God. That should hit the nail on the head, but if that isn't enough for you, it's cold hard fact that their morals are crumbling by the legislation that is being passed over there, like making it illegal for a personal whom has coined themselves "gay" to go to a locally run sexual rehabilitation center, since it's illegal to open one there. It should also be completely obvious by the number of allegations and proven allegations that they often use slave labor over seas, and the crime rate. Duh.

Comment RE: (Score 0) 392

I wouldn’t worry about this too much, but it is a concern. There is a nuclear reactor that Katrina swept over during it’s devastation. It’s not certain that it will cause that type of damage to any of these plants, like the article plainly says. I would be concerned though. It’s not paranoia when it’s possible or even probable, but I hope the operators know what a hurricane can do.

Comment Re:Dawkins: Islam "1 of the great evils of the wor (Score 2, Funny) 1152

I agree that Islam is a serious problem. There are serious problems with some hindu and buddhist beliefs, thinking it's okay for people to suffer the way they do and not even try to help. I am a Christian, and I don't believe the world is as old as scientists say. One reason behind this is instrumentation does lie. I've seen someone resurrect, amongst numerous other things we won't even go into. I'm not even saying this to argue with you. There is no need to try to state a debate with me because I would likely ignore any further comments that try to discredit things I believe, which is not ignorance because I know nearly every side to that argument. What I've seen is not your everyday phenomenon, explainable by swamp gases or delusions.

Comment Well... (Score 1) 1152

I disagree with the theory of evolution, and I am a creationist. But, I think you'd either have to be blind or completely ignorant to agree with everything that goes on within churches and has gone on throughout history. Of course some things do adapt, the thing about it is if you knew some of the things I survived, you would definitely question it.

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