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Comment Re:Impossible (Score 1) 600

>We still have no idea what caused the Universe to exist

Stop please. If you had even an inkling of what you were talking about, you would know that question doesn't even make sense.

>Interestingly there are thousands of doctors that question the massive vaccination policies today, but we are not allowed to debate any of their merits because it's taught as fact that vaccines cause no harm. (also makes a few companies assloads of money, go figure...).

I would like so see studies supporting your wild claims, and the names of the "thousands" of doctors who question vaccination. On the contrary, tens of thousands of papers and studies overwhelmingly conclude vaccination is beneficial. Stop being a conspiracy nut, it's not good for you.

Comment Re:!P is not NP and NP-Hard is not NP-Complete (Score 1) 199

From TFA:

As it was shown in this paper, solving the Schrödinger equation for any Schrödinger Hamiltonian is a problem at least as hard as the hardest problems in the NP computational complexity class. This implies that unless P and NP collapse into one class (which is very unlikely as it would imply many startling results that are currently believed to be false), coming up with the exact solution to Schrödinger’s equation for an arbitrary system will inevitably involve exhaustive search over an exponentially large set of all possible candidate solutions. As a result, computational resources required by an algorithm using brute force will grow so rapidly with the system microscopic con- stituent particle number that bringing any additional resources to bear on the algorithm will be just of no value. And so, for anyone living in the real physical world (of limited computational recourses) the Schrödinger equation will turn out to be simply unsolvable for macroscopic objects and accordingly inapplicable to their time evolution portrayal.
In other words, in the case, in which P class is not equal to NP, it is impossible to overlap de- terministic quantum and classical descriptions in order to obtain a rigorous derivation of classical properties from quantum mechanics.

Comment Re:If you're concerned... (Score 1) 351

Sure. For a userbase so keen on protecting freedoms and fighting mass surveillance and government control, fighting for silly gun rights that the big govt is trying to take you and all, you seem way to ready to take the piss out of bitcoin, and to keep holding on to fiat. I just don't get the hate.

Comment Re:Perhaps not (Score 1) 598

Did you read your parent post? Is it possible that it doesn't make sense to you?? How can you be fine with protecting my right to incite violence against a group of people? Is it not EXACTLY what Hitler did in the decade prior to WWII? Again, this particular case is ridiculous, but your viewpoint is frankly disturbing...

Comment Re:Perhaps not (Score 1) 598

Is it though? What lead to WWII if not a small group of men exercising their freedom of speech to the point of getting a big nation to become a murderous war machine that killed 70 million people and transformed the world as we know it? You got to draw the line somewhere. Not saying I agree with this particular case, but freedom of speech is far from an absolutely sacred right.

Comment Re:Nosy Parkers (Score 1) 598

Bad words are the sole thing that led to the deaths of 70 million people in 1939-1945. Bad words turned the Axis powers into murderous war machines, not anything else. You go tell the 70 million dead of WWII that Hitler's bad words can't harm anyone. You got to draw the line somewhere. Not saying I agree with this particular case, but freedom of speech is far from an absolutely sacred right.

Comment Re:Perhaps not (Score 1) 598

??? What the fuck? Last time I checked, climate change was not a religious belief being shouted by loonies. It's a scientifical fact: a truth. When you say "climate change proponents" you may have the mistaken assumption that there is some kind of debate over this matter. Like the religious nuts who think there is an ongoing debate about evolution. No there is not god damn it. It's a fact!

Comment Re:When you have a bad driver ... (Score 1) 961

That is a fallacious argument. I can drive at 200km/h in the motorway and reach my destination safe and sound, as I can respect all speed laws and still die on the road. Regardless, driving at 200km/h is still more dangerous than driving at 120km/h. Likewise, of course a racedriver could probably cruise at double the speed limit relatively safely, but that does not mean that it is safe to drive at those speeds. The problem is with the driver AND with the car. The Porsche is a dangerous car. The last line of your post reminds me how much this isn't a 'news for nerds' site.

Comment Re:quickoffice is free and available to any Androi (Score 1) 178

If you have rooted it, as I assume a /. user would have, there are a million apps to uninstall preinstalled apps, for example: Just be careful not to uninstall the Phone app or something.

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