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Comment Re:Arrested for knowledge? WTF? (Score 1) 741

Well these carry a bit more risk, and are actual physical evidence. How can a file be evidence of anything? Creating a file with appropriate timestamps is trivial. If this dude was actually a serious threat they would setup a ton of surveillance, apprehend his associates etc. This just seams to be done in order to have some positive stats on a fight against terror (catching those who are real threat is way harder).

Comment Re:US Constitution Art 1 Section 6 - Compensation (Score 1) 941

And what relationship does this have to the story? She was not a member of Ukrainian legislative body at the time actions in question took place neither was she at the time of prosecution. So what is your point? There was fairly strong legal grounds for her conviction although it was obviously politically motivated.

Comment Re:Economic Justice (Score 1) 543

Well who runs JPM is a matter for shareholders to decide, not being a shareholders do not care either way. Although Jamie did start selling off crappy assets way before 2008 and was taking a loss in a time when all banks were showing strong profits, so I'd say he knows what he is doing.

Comment Re:Economic Justice (Score 1) 543

Well the people that owned even the more sane JPM have lost about 1/2 of their money in 2008 so they did pay. They were not saving dumb shit investors, but majority of people all things told banks with their actual assets could cover a loss of about 5% so if they were not bailed out all people having having $ at the banks would get 0 and FDIC could not cover their gurantees.

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