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Comment generate energy (Score 0) 225

Sorry I work on these systems from time to time and the opportunities to generate energy are few and far between. They only happen when you're down loading weight, the problem with long haul cargo systems is you have to get it up there in the first place, so there really isn't an opportunity to generate any useful amounts of energy.

Comment Re:No, it couldn't (Score 0) 554

I'm still calling BS on this, pavement holds heat and the thermodynamics of it are simple if you'd like me to do all of the calcs for you. It's been proven time and time again that these people twist data to conform to whatever they want, and if you'd like proof look at the ethanol scandal, that even lord gore has admitted to.

Comment why (Score 1) 302

why on earth do they have to pick the one us visually challenged people can't easily use???? They might as well made that damn thing flat with no visual features to tell which end is up because if you don't have 20/20 vision you can't tell!!! Fuck 2011!

Comment Re:FBI (Score 0) 222

The newspapers and such have to save face by issuing declarations of unwillingness to cooperate to save face with me or you, however, they still turn over documents to the feds to get favors in the future (tips on stories, interviews, not attempting to crush the unwilling party with the IRS) and we're none the wiser. The fellow I know was telling us some things over the holidays and the general topic of reporters withholding information happened to pop up during a political argument.

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