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Comment Re:OK (Score 1) 293

You are forgetting Peru. This country last year grown 8% in contrast to the 5% of Chile. They r still behind in development, but i can tell they are cooking sth big there. Education has improved, then the latest economical reforms have been stablishing a good basement for the near future. Am chilean, and i know this is true.

Comment Re:You have to wonder though... (Score 1) 293

"Civilized" Wow... you make it sound as the rest of the country that is not a G8 is still using axes to cut meat. Anyway, what u say is right. Not only my country but also many other countries. Is nice to see someone who still remembers Margaret as i do. Please, read my long comment i posted in the "Freedom" talking-mixind-law-news-thing.

Comment Re:Worst ad hominem attack ever? (Score 1) 293

We are actually working in the educational system, since the reform started in 1998, then the updating 2002 and still reupdating [dont really know if that word is correct ] it 2006 having a general consent. Unfortunately, not every chilean can write proper english, grammatically correct. We have not the same influence of foreing languages besides our mother tongue as Spain has, but we try...

Comment Re:OK (Score 1) 293

Actually, what really surprises me is that too many americans are interested in this topic and seem to be so well informed about my country -yes am a chilean girl. Evrytime i went to US none seem to knwo anything else than Pinochet, wine or -last year hot topic- Bachelte v/s Piñera. It is nice to see that we are modeling positive for the rest of the world indeed. .... And, by the way, the progressive wind is reall and has been here since the 40`s. It is just tha twe are a little slower than US and Europe [well...europe gets some thousands of years of advantage]... slow, but in the right direction ^.^

Comment Re:OK (Score 4, Informative) 293

^.^Nice you point this topic. It is funny how this convo has turned up in a US's self usual. Please, i do not mean any offense with this, but it is just this thinking which kind of confuse me. I`m chilean. I have been in the states and i should say in many southamerican countries and it is so not like you imagine the rest of the world, specially southamerican countries. Why? because you live in fear. It is true that we had Pinochet 40 years ago, painful period of our lives, but eventhough we do not forget we can still forgive and start over. I`m not saying that everything is good, just saying that we move on. ... I as going to say many things, but i think you wont read them... While in US i was in a really nice place, there werent even afroamerican people, just native americans, still the way of comunicating with others was really different. I was treated like a princess, really good, and like if anything could happen to me at any moment (i should say overprotected since i was without my family there but i wasnt underage ) "Do not get out alone because someone can kidnap you" "Do not greet someone you dont know coz they can be a pervert or u wont be greeted back" "do not conect to internet in the pool of the place because someone can get into ur files through internet and get dome personal info from your computer" etc... i couldnt eve go to the club alone coz someone coul "put sth on my drinks" and do anything. It is a general fear in people that you cant see in any southamerican countries [excepting when u are a tourist in Favelas/brasil or amazonas /venezuela-colombia]. But in the rest of countries like Chile, argentina, peru, etc,you normally see children late at night playing, or in summer time people jst go to the beach at nigth and children, teenagers and people in general can walk at any time in the cities, go to dowtown alone, travel by public transportation from one city to another, or from home to the inner city or to anywhere without any problems... ["Never take a bus in the US" is what Americans told me] So, if we talk about freedom, i think that you should start thinking what "real" freedom is. I went backpacking last february with my best friend down to the south, 20 days in which we walked in the road, meet people, hitchhike from truck drivers to horse carts... and we finish our trip without even falling into the ground once. THAT isFREEDOM and safety. What we are getting with this new law is stating the bases to also give more security to people as well. After this law is completely updated and applied there will be improvements to it, such as grooming hunting, etc. Perhaps we are not as advance as US and not as fast developed since both US and Chile are 200 indepent countries, (We r kind of slow) but still we are trying to do our best. (Thanks Daemon) Sorry my poor`s been a while since i dont practice writing or speaking.

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