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Comment Re:where is our critical mass of Linux Users? (Score 1) 456

You can't play games and record the video on linux.

Well yeah, you can, maybe. Compared to fraps it is a pita.

I play games on my windows box and occationally I want to record something for youtube. It's just not viable to do that in linux, even if you could run the game in Wine. I switch to linux for editing. Kdenlive is very nice for that.

Comment Re:Debian? (Score 1) 202

Debian "unstable" is always quite up to date. All new features and packages are introduced in unstable first. Don't let the name confuse you -- it's about as reliable as most distributions' released versions. It's "unstable" in the sense that it gets constant updates, which means that things are always changing. Every once in a blue moon, a change will actually seriously break something for a day or so. Maybe once every 3-4 years in my experience.

I think that is painting a bit too pretty a picture of it. It definitely breaks more often than that. Count on having problems whenever the build system or the core set of libraries are updated, or whenever a larger set of software packages are updated like KDE. In these cases you seriously need to know what you are doing or you will end up in a situation where your packages get caught it a dependency deadlock. Your old packages have been uninstalled and the new ones won't install because of some missing package.

This happens often enough in my experience for me to not recommend running unstable unless you know what you are doing and are prepared to look under the hood when the emergency eventually arises, because it will.

Comment Re:H264 patients in various countries (Score 2, Interesting) 477

One of the central patents cited is EP 0443676 which concerns the MPEG-2 codec which is granted by the European Patent Office, not the national patent offices. Had the patent application been filed in any of the member states, their patent office would likely rejected the patent on grounds that algoritms are not patentable. EPO has no such qualms, however and will happily grant software patents, even though they know they are probably not enforcable.

There is a case running in the Danish Maritime and Commercial court regarding the MPEG-2 patents between Phillips and Danish company Dicentia A/S. Dicentia has requested that the patent be invalidated in Denmark.

Comment Re:Why is this tagged 'Apple'? (Score 0) 95

When you say JavaScript implementation, you mean a replacement engine for the standard one in KHTML, right? KHTML had javascript and it was working fine before Apple started ripping it apart. Same goes for CSS. HTML5 was still just being talked about when they did the fork, so obviously couldn't have been implemented at the time.
Role Playing (Games)

CCP Announces Console MMO Tie-In To the EVE Universe 89

Hork_Monkey writes "CCP Games, developer of the popular MMO EVE Online, has announced a new game called Dust 514. Building on the EVE universe, this game will provide planetary combat from an RTS and FPS perspective, with significant impact into the space combat aspects of EVE Online. Love or hate EVE Online, this appears to be an innovative way to expand the overall universe by catering to a different gamer audience. A video with a trailer and further explanation was posted from GDC Europe."

Comment Re:What's his copyright? (Score 1) 297

It may be a breach of their contract with the client. By contract they are delivering a set top box to the customer and the license for the set top box software requires them to make the source available. Not a lawyer of course, so I don't know if they can just say - 'duh, give us the box back, then.'.

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