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Bark Beetles Hate Rush Limbaugh and Heavy Metal 220

Aryabhata writes "According to scientists, climate change and human activity have allowed bark beetle populations to soar. They decided to fight the beetles by using the 'nastiest, most offensive sounds' that they could think of. These sounds included recordings of Guns & Roses, Queen, Rush Limbaugh and manipulated versions of the insects' own sounds. The research project titled 'Beetle Mania' has concluded that acoustic stress can disrupt their feeding and even cause the beetles to kill each other."

The Final Release of Apache HTTP Server 1.3 104

Kyle Hamilton writes "The Apache Software Foundation and the Apache HTTP Server Project are pleased to announce the release of version 1.3.42 of the Apache HTTP Server ('Apache'). This release is intended as the final release of version 1.3 of the Apache HTTP Server, which has reached end of life status There will be no more full releases of Apache HTTP Server 1.3. However, critical security updates may be made available."

"Tube Map" Created For the Milky Way 142

astroengine writes "Assuming you had an interstellar spaceship, how would you navigate around the galaxy? For starters, you'd probably need a map. But there's billions of stars out there — how complex would that map need to be? Actually, Samuel Arbesman, a research fellow from Harvard, has come up with a fun solution. He created the 'Milky Way Transit Authority (MWTA),' a simple transit system in the style of the iconic London Underground 'Tube Map.' (Travel Tip: Don't spend too much time loitering around the station at Carina, there's some demolition work underway.)"

Comment Re:Ha! (Score 2, Interesting) 177

"Unfortunately this type of quality reporting was dead even before the internet came along." Maybe in the USA (I would not know) but this is not true everywhere. In my country (NL), there are still several newspapers which do all those things you mention. They do not have it easy financially but they do not compromise too much and I think (well I hope) that their base of faithful readers will let them survive. And I do believe that the fast-news-skimming generation will be interested in in depth reporting when they are older. But they should make their content available in e-reader format in the short term.

Comment Re:Poor QA (Score 1) 626

well as you say, it was used out of spec. So I imagine they could deploy and hope it would work or not deploy at all. With the latter option the lives would be lost anyway. Not saying they could not have done better (but who is "they"). If I remember correctly there was a lot of phooha around those Patriot batteries, my country (NL) sent one to Israel. That's politicians and their following media making a stance and not be concerned about facts.

Comment Re:Anti-Competitive Harassment. (Score 2, Insightful) 149

yes and no. I can see this to fail in both the European Court of Justice and in the European Court of Human Rights (for non Europeans: the first is the EU "supreme court", the other is continent wide, voluntary and treaty based.) However it will take maybe 5 but more likely 10 years before a resolution comes out of those. In my country (the Netherlands) treaties take precedence above national law, and our constitution is just a piece of paper (no constitutional court, laws can't be checked by courts against the constitution). Add to that that we always want to be the teachers favorite pupil so we will enforce ACTA for many years.

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