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Comment Re:This type of article never tells the whole stor (Score 1) 226

Please remember to think more than a day down the road... That is not very much money, to invest in the most important part of living (next to food) in the modern world. So now, just because it is cheaper, you want to burn more coal again? The future is made of renewable energy, but we have to pay now to save ourselves later. And luckily enough for those in parts of Europe, it's being built so quickly, people will actually get to experience extremely low energy prices soon, all the time. Hang in there...

Comment a la Google (Score 1) 313

people's paranoia about ominous large white vehicles is going to skyrocket again. but as Google did beyond everyone's eye by harvest wi-fi data and keeping it, again here, what will they do with these scans? "it was learned today that a city employee had started a p0rn website with the harvested body scans called privacy advocates... don't exist." btw, what does the EFF even do these days?!

Comment Re:The responsibilities of a low User ID (Score 2, Funny) 514

i know nothing! but seriously, gnome has it's problems and quirks, and anyone who wants to customize it can, so really the new UI is for new adopters, if people new to the system like it, then it did its job well. we can always modify it or not use it if we wish. what they end up with of course we hope is post gnome 2, pre Vista. i'd rather a Usable Interface than some User Interface any day. also, my user number is for sale. all of your vacation days. i want them.

Comment did this happen to anyone else? (Score 1) 448

two tickets came into the helpdesk about the "internet being slow" or "the internet is down", only to find out that they just couldn't get to facebook. at work. this is why i can't stand when i have to cover the helpdesk. leave me alone with my machines. also, some network engineer entirely got fired. though i secretly hope they were DoS'd.

Comment Swing and a miss (Score 1, Insightful) 319

Just as windows mobile was catching up being coupled with Sense UI and the like, they go and join the worthless herd of App-based feature-less mobile OS'es. The thing is, as far as mobile OS'es go, windows mobile has been ahead, being an open platform and close to an actual OS. And there is a marketplace for apps on the phones anyways. 7 becomes worthless, and 6.5 will go on and on being used and modded by power users for years to come because it's the last of the useful mobile OS'es. Long live task manager. :P

Comment Re:another one bites the dust (Score 1) 178

because those were tablet laptops, not the new hardware design that people actually now seem to want. and the OS needs to be real, whether windows, linux, or mac os. now the GUI on the other hand, which HP has been doing a good job on with their touchscreen stand computers, with a windows back-end so it can run REAL programs. but now you get yet another worthless app-based OS that can't do jack shite. wonderful.

Comment Re:A false choice, of course... (Score 1) 2044

$900bn in subsidies, payable directly to the insurance companies based on the pricing structures they dictate. so no matter how much they whine, they're actually only whining about how much profit they're making, and they want more. this is win-win for them, lose-lose for us. mandating insurance for all people is their dream come true. mandated customers, via the government. DISGUSTING.

Comment Bandwidth! (Score 1) 419

The ads themselves don't normally irk me too horribly, it's that they consume all sorts of processing power for the video and flash and all, and an extreme amount of bandwidth. Normally the ads on a page are multiple times the size of the actual page's content! This is the same effect of SPAM, wherein 99% of email bandwidth is SPAM... We're starting to see things like 75% of web bandwidth is AIDS. err ADS.

Comment prove it! (Score 2, Informative) 135

there was a story recently of police busting someone for underage drinking based on facebook pictures. the problem with arresting someone based not on catching them doing an illegal act, but by heresay or pictures... is that how can it be proven?! "that was apple juice" "i was being facetious" shouldn't those be the only needs of defense against such allegations, true or not? this is the inherant flaw i see in this policing method.

Comment I swear (Score 1) 736

If one more person says "Oh, you're in IT." one more time, I'm gonna go postal. (do postal workers not like that?) Anyways, it's about the stigma associated with the word. People equate it with lowly service to fix their "CPU" o_0 Helpdesk it what they know. Network engineers, software developers, we need to shatter this image of low-level service said by "IT" and make people realize what it is that we do and how essential it is to them even being able to work or use what products are developed for them. Only then will "IT" get any respect beyond the computer janitor image people so ignorantly have of it now.

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