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Submission + - Computer Science at University of Florida being demolished (

goodguynews writes: The dean of college of engineering at University of Florida has decided to destroy the long standing Computer Science department.
In the pretext of budget cuts she is all set to put forward a proposal that will cut down all research from the department, fire most professors and staff and distribute the remaining faculty to either Industrial Engineering, Electrial engineering or Biomedical engineering. She confidently states in public that Databases belongs to Industrial Engineering, thereby making a mockery of herself and her position.
The Computer Science department is amongst most revenue generating department and attracts THE MOST international and american students.
Despite these facts the dean is misrepresenting the budget and vital figures and has given a less than a week's ultimatum before she finalizes this. Watch videos and for more info visit the website.

Comment Focus on machine learning (Score 1) 173

If your real field is machine learning, it won't matter if the dept. is Biology or CS as long as you publish in machine learning conferences and journals (NIPS, ICML, Neural Computation, JMLR). When you're done, you should be able to get a postdoc/faculty/research lab position strictly based on your machine learning credentials because this is a hot area right now. OTOH, if you didn't actually work in machine learning but instead applied machine learning ideas in biology, then it is possible that you'll only get a job within biology. If this is the case and you want to switch to more standard CS/CE, do a postdoc for a year or two in the field of your choice.

Comment Re:Minimum Requirements for Windows Phone 7? (Score 2) 479

I wouldn't be surprised if Nokia maintains legacy dumbphone support (on Symbian) for a while until the developing nations can be switched to smartphones (or when low end smartphones can run Windows Mobile 7 which should happen in a few years). On the other hand, I think MeeGo on smartphones is cooked since Microsoft is no Amigo (when it comes to linux + Qt). As others have speculated, this is very bad news for the Trolls since they will probably be turned into zombies. I would not be surprised to see Intel buy the Qt division and pursue MeeGo for in vehicle infotainment which is where MeeGo got its first win (via the GenIVI alliance).

This ex-Nokia executive's blog makes for interesting reading.

Submission + - Is Qt dead in the water? (

anandrajan writes: Now that Nokia has announced a broad partnership with Microsoft to bring Windows Mobile 7 to their devices, what does this mean for Qt (since Symbian/Meego relied heavily on Qt)?

Comment Every culture has its culture wars? (Score 1) 478

I have an Indian background and have long given up trying to argue against astrology with Indian friends and family who are into it. This got me thinking about culture wars and whether or not the modernity versus tradition battle manifests itself as a different culture war in each culture. I wonder if a list could be worked out for different cultures. Came up with three examples so far.

US: science versus ID/creationism
Turkey: secular people versus Islamists locked in a battle for power
India: science versus astrology/homeopathy/
The rest?

Western Europe seems to be an exception.

Comment Re:America has jumped the shark (Score 1) 947

"I'm curious: is that teacher still working?"

Yes. This is because she's considered a good teacher in everything else and it's very, very difficult to get good school teachers these days.

When I discussed this issue with some of the other teachers, the general sense is that they feel intimidated/threatened. There's a weird combination of victimhood and strident aggression that's very hard to confront. My sense is that most teachers back away and try and defuse the issue. For instance, one school teacher now has every student submit ten arguments for and against evolution.

Comment Re:America has jumped the shark (Score 5, Interesting) 947

My wife is a middle/high school teacher and is teaching evolution in 8th grade as we speak. The other day, a student confronted her in class and said, "You may have come from a monkey but I certainly didn't." This is a charter school here in Gainesville, FL (where we also try burning Qurans every once in a while).

You would think that the situation is better in a magnet school. Nope. In one of the magnet schools here, the teacher flat out refused to teach evolution claiming that it went against her beliefs.

Comment Will it be faster and more responsive? (Score 1) 640

Now this is interesting. Currently, on my work PC, linux/X11 seems to be a bit slower (KDE 4 especially, GNOME a bit less and definitely not Enlightenment) than Windows XP. Will this move bring the response *feel* of the linux desktop (in Unity on Ubuntu) to be on par with XP? While there are many anecdotal complaints all over the web regarding the intrinsic slowness of X, this seems to be disproven by my Enlightenment 0.16 experience.

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