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Comment Dumbos at ICICI Bank (Score 1) 619

I keep getting these emails from ICICI about DEMAT accounts. Whenever I respond and ask to correct the problem. I get a canned response asking about my particulars including amongst other things my cell phone and date of Birth ( Sighh...) I once had a daily back and forth for a week with a guy starting with a standard line " I beg your pardon... Anyway what worked for me was a custom filter taking all messages from ICICI straight into Trash.

Comment I am surprised (Score 1) 242

Rao Yi, a 47-year-old biologist who left Northwestern University in 2007 to become dean of the School of Life Sciences at Peking University in Beijing, contrasts China’s “soul-searching” with America’s self-satisfaction. When the United States Embassy in Beijing asked him to explain why he wanted to renounce his American citizenship, he wrote that the United States had lost its moral leadership after the 9/11 attacks. But “the American people are still reveling in the greatness of the country and themselves,” he said in a draft letter.

Comment H1B's bashing again (Score 1) 502

For folks who get a kick out of bashing the H1B policy pls go to . Here is my 2 cents; America was built by immigrants, so it is useless to complain about new immigrants. With the current legal immigration process, the only way for anyone to get citizenship, is either family based or employment based. Employment based means getting through the process of H1 or L1. I do understand most of the ./'s are in the IT field, where H1B has been abused the most. But most people I know are not in IT, they are Engineers or Doctors. Being involved in the hiring process, I can confidently say that no one was willing to come to WNY. The company I worked, had the jobs open for as long as 8 months. Finally deciding to tap the immigrant pool from top US colleges.

Comment I saw the video and it is inaccurate at best (Score 3, Informative) 154

The XR400 used in the drive through was a UHF reader. Reading a UHF tag is not as easy as the author described. All you have to do is put it against your body, and the salt water attenuates the signal, thus making the tag unreadable. Making such broad statements as scrap the whole real ID or national id, will be valid, if the author showed some substance.

Comment Re H1B should go first (Score 4, Insightful) 612

I agree and disagree with this. You have to be in an H1B shoes to appreciate this. I have seen folks laid off as H1B with unsold houses and cars. They had to just get a ticket, and leave the country. Barring the Native Indians, I think it is a hypocrisy on most Americans. Would you be here commenting, if the same was done to your forefathers. Being an Asian with H1B is taking jobs, but being from Europe, it is heritage.

Comment US immigration sucks big time (Score 1) 442

I can attest as an immigrant myself. Long wait for getting appointment at consular offices. Being treated like shit on port of entry. 5-6 years for permanent residence. And even for small things like getting you passport stamped you have to go through hell. A bunch of my close friends have abandoned the US green card system, & moved to Canada. I have some news for you, Indians are no longer vying for jobs in US anymore. Rather US companies are going to India in hordes.

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