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Comment Re:Meanwhile... (Score 1) 96 Africa, people are asking themselves "What am I gonna eat today?" or "Where do I go to find fresh water?". Any thoughts, first-world-problem community?

Seriously, it's been said many times already, but we really are dumbing down as a civilization. Instead of thinking how to fix important problems or how to explore space, we're investigating such pressing matters as "How do I find that episode in which Ross and Rachel have sex and Rachel gets pregnant?".

You do realize that the time you spent posting this annoying comment could have been spent feeding starving children in Africa right? We all know you are a troll, which is funny, because you are trolling for entertainment purposes. Look at any culture in history, they all had some form of entertainment. I'm not saying that some people don't work harder than other people, or that some people don't have more important jobs/hobbies than other people, but just try to imagine what life would be like if you were working every waking hour. Taking a shower would be awesome, but that's wasting time and water. . .

Comment same old story (Score 1) 449

this seems like the 100th poll relating to movie and tv physics, but ok, here we go again. this question is really asking whether or not you can enjoy a movie, and i would have to answer yes. sometimes movies are just terrible, sometimes they get things about right, but usually it's a mix of the two. take the movie "Hackers" for example. in one scene you have people in the early nineties hacking a computer using some sort of eyewear interface flying around in the gibson dropping viruses in one on one combat with the admin, yet in another scene you see some really great examples of social engineering, or dumpster diving or freaking. to all the naysayers out there i ask you, what do you want from hollywood, a 20 hour long movie focused solely on one character sitting at a computer drinking 4-lokos and trying to bust into a server??? about the only time i can remember a movie trying to get the hacking time frame correct was in "Wargames." at least they had scenes where he would start war dialing and then walk away from the computer for a bit while it did its thing. with physics it's the same thing, mostly true physics would just make for a boring sci-fi movie. i am willing to suspend disbelief if it's for a good cause, and my entertainment is worth it. just like a poster said earlier, star trek isn't about a warp drive, it's about characters and their interactions, who cares if it's all based on a wacky premise? if you can't have a little fun with reality there is no need for you to do anything other than watch documentaries, and even those include their fair share of b.s.

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