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Comment Re:Windows is not disappearing anytime soon (Score 1) 628

From a consumer viewpoint it looks like Windows 8 is an experiment by Microsoft to try new things to keep up with Apple, and by Windows 9 the problems will be fixed and we'll be back into a variant of the same old UI.

Little risk in experimenting when the vast majority of users will be ones getting it bundled with the hardware - enterprise users won't upgrade this soon after Windows 7, and few people buy the latest version of an operating system if the one they have works for their purposes.

The only thing Microsoft is risking here is the Windows brand, and frankly, after the disaster the Vista launch was, Windows 8 looks small.

Comment Re:remote desktop vs windows (Score 2) 197

Wayland is being made for a set of use cases that don't perfectly match those of X11.

If said use cases are important to you, you're free to make your own replacement or keep using X11, or pay someone else to do so for you. Accusing people of being Apple fanboys in completely unrelated stories is unlikely to garner your cause much support, however.

Comment Re:fuck you iceland. (Score 1) 684

It's funny. They're removing rights from a group of people to "protect them" and are straight up calling them "vulnerable".

If it were men as the spokespeople for removing the rights of women to protect them, everyone would rightfully call bullshit.

And that shouldn't change just because it's a woman saying so. This is bullshit.

Comment Re:Or... (Score 2) 318

I already switched. I used Android, but I grew very tired of the dearth of OS updates - I was stuck on 2.2 despite buying my device when 2.3 was already out - and the poor selection and difficulty of browsing of the Market. Where the market has vastly improved and things like the Humble Bundle have significantly improved the selection, the phones ain't getting updated any more frequently.

And if Google doesn't bite the bullet and make it mandatory for manufacturers and carriers to provide updates, Android stays off the list of mobile operating systems I'm willing to consider.

Comment Re:Or... (Score 3, Insightful) 318

This does not change the fact that a lot of Android phones are running vastly outdated versions of their firmware with several known security holes - and the people owning these phones do not have the option of updating their phones.

Android is insecure, because of two factors - the manufacturers frequently simply don't give their users a way to update, and because the system requirements of the OS keep rising at an absurd pace, making many older phones incompatible with later releases of the OS.

Comment Re:Sensationalism? (Score 1) 126

Sensationalism? Yes.

News? No.

Steam goes down like this every few weeks - I can count a few instances lasting for several hours at a time this year. Dozens of instances for this happening for several minutes. It means their, uh, servers have crashed and they need to reboot or replace them. This is literally Computers 101 content.

Comment Re:I though it was over consumption of cals. (Score 1) 470

The problem here is that nobody not on a strictly regimented diet or suffering from an eating disorder only eats as much calories than they need.

Human biology heavily pushes people towards moderate over-consumption. In fact, going under the amount of calories you require will cause significant fatigue and pain.

Calories in, calories out. For a slim person, however, the calories are coming out in their waste, because their body does not digest it the same way it does in fat people. That is, in fact, what the summary said.

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