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Comment Re:HOW ABOUT (Score 1) 194

With the Classmate, they were successful in curbing the enthusiasm of the OLPC project (which faltered for many other reasons as well). Intel may have similar goals here, namely take away momentum from their competition, without actually having to sell many units. The Raspberry Pi has many uses, but one big one is a lightweight web-browser PC. That has the potential to cannibalize the traditional desktop market, which surely has higher margins for Intel. So their goal is to kill the low-margin market, not compete in it. If they announce a product that costs less than $100 and can run Windows, that may slow down Raspberry Pi from gaining traction as a lightweight desktop replacement.

Comment Re:close... (Score 1) 80

Manufacturers would do that if they could, but it's not technically feasible given space, cost, and electrical constraints. That's the whole point of the article. Your antenna needs to be tuned for every frequency band that you support, so there is a finite number that you can support well. Also, the power amplifier must support each frequency band. Also, the RF receiver must support each band and each protocol in hardware. It's not trivial at all to add a new frequency and/or protocol.

Comment Re:Problem is.... (Score 5, Informative) 146

Most of those Older Pc's cant boot from a USB stick. It's only been the past 3 years that booting from a usb drive has become the norm, before that it was an oddity.

There is a boot helper CD for older computers like this. The beauty is that the OS on the computer is untouched, since Sugar runs from memory not the hard drive. Additionally, all progress is saved to the USB drive, so the stick is portable from computer to computer.


Slashdot Keybindings, Dynamic Stories 220

We've been working hard on the new dynamic Slashdot project (logged in users can enable this by enabling the beta index in their user preferences). I just wanted to quickly mention that there are keybindings on the index. The WASD and VI movement keys do stuff that we like, and the faq has the complete list. Also, if you are using Firefox or have Index2 beta enabled, you can click 'More' in the footer at the end of the page to load the next block of stories in-line without a page refresh. We're experimenting now with page sizes to balance load times against the likelihood that you'll click. More features will be coming soon, but the main thing on our agenda now is optimization. The beta index2 is sloooow and that's gotta change. We're aiming for 2 major optimizations this week (CSS Sprites, and removing an old YUI library) that I'm hoping will put the beta page render time into the "Sane" time frame (which, in case you are wondering, is several seconds faster than that "Insane" time frame we're currently seeing).

Comment Re:It can't do HD.Fail. (Score 1) 97

The OMAP 3530 can only do 720p if you have a format that's not CPU intensive to decode, such as MPEG2. It takes quite a bit more horsepower to decode H264/AVC and I'm fairly certain that the OMAP 3530 can't handle that.

Oh, you want to play sound with that too? That adds more load to the CPU or DSP. The OMAP3's are beautiful little processors, but using them for a media center is pushing their limits.

Submission + - Google Launches Mobile Platform (bbc.co.uk)

Placid writes: "The BBC website has an article detailing Google's release of their mobile/cell phone 'software stack'. The platform is designed to "speed up the process of making mobile services.". From the article:

The firm is working with four mobile manufacturers — Samsung, HTC, Motorola and LG — but a Google branded phone was not announced.
Google's system will be based on computer code that can be openly distributed among programmers, allowing them to build new applications.
A development tool kit for working on the new platform will be released next week

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