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Comment JVM is more relevant than Java itself. (Score 1) 382

Java is most certainly not dead, but it has transformed. The language itself is not as much relevant as the JVM abstraction, since now you can code in Python, Clojure, Scala, Ruby, to bytecode. This minimum common denominator becomes immensely important when deploying applications to the cloud, since you can find tons of providers that can run applications on JVM, and you also get for (almost) free a ton of tools to monitor your apps with JMX (debugging, profiling, etc).
Hadoop and its ecosystem, Spark, Kafka, Storm and a lot of other cloud oriented software are written on the JVM. Nobody wants to care on which hardware you're running for most applications (that is, if you don't need a GPU, but that's being commoditized too).

Comment Re:Nope. Not happening. (Score 1) 100

I agree that the problem is that most companies don't know how to run it and it's left to bigger organizations that 1) have the expertise in house and 2) actually need the added complexity.
Understanding which pieces of the ecosystem you need, how to deploy and running them in a production environment can be daunting, not to mention all the different possibilities of which cloud provider to use, which services, etc.

Cloudera and Hortonworks are capitalizing on it basically helping sorting out this complexity with consultants, and training, but since this business model scales with the number of employees, they are not scaling up that fast, also because there are not enough skilled engineers in the field. I personally interviewed several self proclaimed 'hadoop engineers' who had worked on hadoop for a year or more and yet didn't know what happens in the shuffle phase.

Another distinction to make is that Hadoop has now three major components: HDFS, YARN and map/reduce. Maybe Map/Reduce is losing its relevance as a hadoop component, as Tez/Shark/Flink advance, but should be noted that under the hood they use basically the same abstraction on parallelization, they just make better use of resources (especially memory), but they are not replacing HDFS not YARN. Mesos could be used in alternative of YARN, but I don't see any competitor for HDFS yet.

So, I would not say that Hadoop is being replaced, but more extended and to use a botanical analogy, beside growing, it's also being grafted on (flink,spark, cassandra, etc...).

Comment Re:What a coincidence (Score 1) 91

The Prime Minister of Italy owns the largest Italian publishing house

He doesn't just own a lot of the media but also the biggest advertising company, Mediaset. In fact, there was also a similar lawsuit against youtube.

The prime minister and his lawyer posse has been quite active. They just sued a rival newspaper for asking questions that he deemed libelous: (in italian) http://www.repubblica.it/2009/08/sezioni/politica/berlusconi-divorzio-22/causa-domande/causa-domande.html

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