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Comment My phablet makes it irrelevant (Score 2) 170

I never understood the need for a tablet since when the phablets came out. I have big hands and no trouble with large screen smartphones, i.e. phablets.

I have a 5.7 inch display Samsung Galaxy Note, which does most if not all the tricks a tablet does, and many many more since its a phone too.

In the end the gold rush was over before I even joined.

Comment Re:Why not Facebook? (Score 1) 144

Perhaps Facebook has no money to or future left since they bought Oculus Rift? So, sue Wall Street hiring practices. From what I've seen the Catholic church hasn't hired many Jews or Arabs. That might be a potential target too. Where are the blue eyed dishers? Women garbage men? The list is long.

Comment Yes, it does it matter (Score 1) 92

Yes, it does it matter.

For example, if you want to sort objects which does not fit at one level, the sorting may spill over to a next level of much slower memory. This imbalance of speed is relevant regardless of the interconnect speed limits, as a delta as such is the culprit.

There are some ways to improve on that.

From Wikipedia > Sorting_algorithm > Memory_usage_patterns_and_index_sorting

That is one example of a solution to a problem that matters.

Comment Re:Neo-Luddite scaremongering wins again (Score 3, Informative) 361

Do these people want us to go back to the Stone Age? Because that's what's going to happen.

These people are opposed to any progress that might actually solve the problems we face, which only leaves us with the option of going backwards.

From http://www.savethepinebush.org...
Who Owns Life?
Canadian Farmer Sued by Monsanto

by Lynne Jackson

ALBANY, NY — The First Lutheran Church was the setting for the talk by Percy Schmeiser, the Canadian farmer being sued by Monsanto for patent infringement. [...] Around 1995, Percy told his wife he was thinking of retirement. Louise expressed concerns about what he would do with himself, so Percy decided to keep farming for a while longer. What to do with his spare time was decided in 1998, when Monsanto sued Percy for patent infringement. Monsanto said that it had found GMO (genetically modified organism) canola seed in Percy’s field, and that Percy had to pay a $15 an acre fee for using its patented GMO seed. Percy never had anything to do with Monsanto. He never purchased seed from Monsanto. He was concerned that Monsanto seed had contaminated his farm. The GMO canola plants got into his fields by the wind blowing pollen or seed onto his land. It took two years for the pre-trail motions and paper-work to be completed. During this time, Monsanto dropped their charge that Percy had illegally obtained the GMO seed. Because this was a patent case, the case would not be heard by a jury but by one federal judge. The trial took two and one-half weeks. The federal judge decided that it did not matter how the GMO crops got into his field, he must pay Monsanto their fee of $15/acre. In addition, the judge ordered that Percy pay Monsanto all of the profits from his 1998 crop, and that he must turn over all of the plants and seeds to Monsanto. Two of Percy’s fields were not contaminated with Monsanto GMOs and 60% of the GMOs Monsanto found were in the ditch by the road. Percy appealed his case to the federal Court of Appeals, which upheld the ruling against Percy by the first judge.

There is nothing Luddite refusing GMO.

Comment Agreed (Score 2, Funny) 265

Isn't it true that most psychiatrist and psychologist are self-healers, ie they are a bit odd to begin with?

Psychiastrist and psychologist: "Aah, you don't seem to feel well. Aah. Locking you up. Yedi, Yoggo. Aah. Duggo. Jaaaammmaaa. Thetan. Xenu. Teegeeack. Sfgofgiaughaifh."

Something along those lines? I understand then that scientologists don't want that to happen.

Comment Old news? (Score 4, Informative) 59

Maybe not old as in really old, but at least since 2012/2013/2014.

Even artists know about it.

"Researchers have moved one step closer to facial reconstruction with DNA by discovering the genes that help control the width of the human face. A recent study of almost 10,000 individuals revealed five genes associated with different facial shapes – known as PRDM16, PAX3, TP63, C5orf50, and COL17A1. Manfred Kayser and his team of the Erasmus University Medical Center in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, used Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) of people’s heads to map facial landmarks and estimate facial distances."

http://edition.cnn.com/2013/09... "We leave genetic traces of ourselves wherever we go -- in a strand of hair left on the subway or in saliva on the side of a glass at a cafe. So you may want to think twice the next time you spit out your gum or drop a cigarette butt in public. New York artist Heather Dewey-Hagborg might pick it up, extract the DNA and create a 3-D face that could look like you. Her project, "Stranger Visions," fashions portrait sculptures from bits of genetic material collected in public places."

"Sometime in the future, technicians will go over the scene of the crime. They’ll uncover some DNA evidence and take it to the lab. And when the cops need to get a picture of the suspect, they won’t have to ask eyewitnesses to give descriptions to a sketch artist – they’ll just ask the technicians to get a mugshot from the DNA. That, at least, is the potential of new research being published today in PLOS Genetics. In that paper, a team of scientists describe how they were able to produce crude 3D models of faces extrapolated from a person’s DNA."

"Scientists are getting closer to constructing a likeness of a person's face using nothing but a DNA sample. Postdoctoral researcher Peter Claes and his colleagues describe the technique in a recent publication in PLOS Genetics. Their work opens a horizon of potential future applications in forensics, anthropology and medicine."

Now its 2015.

Comment Re: Keeps the brain sharp (Score 1) 170

As a Scandinavian, I wonder what claim the Greeks may have had to intellectual fame since the great Aristotle. The misfits from Nicosia? Petrus? LOL... What scientific advances did the Bysantians ever make? NO, the days of Greek glory is like the Scandinavian, British, and French. They're all gone, at large. Live with it.

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