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Comment Re:I know this isn't the point.... (Score 1) 188

Very true it works better in spoken conversations.... so I'll say it very simply - people are assholes, religious or not and I get really tired of self righteous "I can't believe you said that I'd never do that myself" type of people - because it is THOSE people who errr, most likely would. *cough*catholicpriests*cough*. If there were MPs online right now ShieldW0lf, I bet they'd be saying exactly what you're saying - I believe their profession is being holier than thou and preaching about how things "should be". Yeah.... that er...works just great doesn't it.

Comment Yes and No... mostly No. (Score 1) 275

As someone who takes gaming pretty seriously I'd say NO on a massive scale because hours of frustration and then finally achieving your goal is what I play for!! Unfortunately there are too many "easy" games out there - as soon as the PS2 came out Tomb Raider went downhill in favour of graphics. No also because games aren't entirely a waste of time, they develop hand eye co-ordination and logic skills (at least this is how I justify hours and hours of button bashing), taking challenges away will MAKE it a waste of time (just my view). Yes ONLY for small children and maybe people with learning disabilities - this kind of function could help them to develop by doing the easy things first and then introducing harder parts of the game in later..... Just my two pence.

Comment Re:I know this isn't the point.... (Score 1) 188

That's not what I'm saying - I'm not excusing them or anyone for being a dick. I'm just making the point that you have to be realistic, can you ever TRULY trust anyone. You only have to look at the scenario with Catholic priests for goodness sake, if priests can rape children then I hardly think what is happening with our government is suprising at all.

Comment Re:I know this isn't the point.... (Score 1, Interesting) 188

No I don't categorise it as flaming and I do agree to an extent with what you say. I'd rather that having not ever met me you would refrain from telling me which traits I do and do not possess. You can dress things up any way you wish but what SHOULD and DOES happen are seperate things, I'm not saying I would have claimed for a set of Chanel scatter cushions here, I'm just trying to be realist rather than idealist (as you seem to be). You are entirely right with what you say, but it simply does not and will not change the fact that this is reality, deal with it.

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