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Comment Re:Belongs to the suspect (Score 1) 115

If that is correct, then the article linked to in the summary was in error. To quote:

"Amazon is contesting a search warrant from police in Arkansas, who are seeking 48 hours worth of recordings and responses made by an Amazon Echo that belonged to a murder victim."

https://qz.com/917790/amazon-c... (second paragraph)

Comment Isn't it the victim's Echo they want info from? (Score 5, Informative) 115

If so, shouldn't the decision about whether or not to release that info be up to the victim's family - whoever now has ownership over his estate? You would think that if the recordings would help in prosecuting the murderer that they would want to release them. I could see Amazon's argument if they were being compelled to release something belonging to the accused, but that doesn't appear to be the case here.

Comment YouTube RED = No adds, plus other goodies (Score 1) 159

Didn't figure it was worthwhile at first, but tried it on a 3-month free trial... and now I love it. Well worth the money, just like Netflix. No ads, some additional video content not otherwise available, and being able to play (audio only of course) in the background while using other apps on Android - or even with the screen off to save power!

Comment Re:Radiation wrecks robots? (Score 2) 307

It doesn't take years if the flux is high enough and the components are sensitive. Direct neutron damage really can be a problem for electronics.

You are definitely right about all the high energy secondary particles. They cause a whole heap of problems for electronics (including signal spikes etc).

My point really was that there's nothing special about the interaction between radiation and biological intitities (as the original poster was implying). Neutron radiation (including secondary effects) will damage non-biological materials just as well as biological.

Comment Re:Radiation wrecks robots? (Score 4, Informative) 307

In this case the "radiation" is the emission of high-energy neutron particles. Neutrons will run into anything *... and when they do, they transfer a ton of their energy into whatever they hit... causing "damage cascades" as atoms get tossed around (Wikipedia has a decent animation here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/... ).

That atom-scale damage adds up after a while... causing material failure... regardless of the type of material.

For instance, inside of a reactor all of the steel holding all of the fuel in place is constantly bombarded... leading to all sorts of effects like radiation induced swelling and embrittlement.

In humans the primary issue is when those neutrons hit DNA / cells and damage them. It actually happens to us all day long from radiation around us... but our bodies can deal with a certain amount. Too much damage though... and your body can't cope any more.

In robots / electronics the issue is much the same. The neutrons run into _everything_ and degrade it. More sensitive pieces (like camera sensors) will degrade rather quickly while larger components (like structural steel) will most likely be fine for long periods of time.

* The probability that a neutron will hit a certain type of atom is called a "cross section" (XS) and is an _extremely_ well studied phenomenon. You can look at some here: https://www.nndc.bnl.gov/sigma... for instance, this is the probability for a neutron running into Hydrogen: https://www.nndc.bnl.gov/sigma...

Comment Re:Eight function toilet? (Score 2) 187

I personally don't like the idea of any water coming up from the _toilet_ onto me. How clean are the spray nozzles? How well maintained is the tubing running to the spray nozzles?

No: I'll settle for wiping off what I can... and doing my own proper cleaning that evening in the shower with soap.

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