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Comment Re:A news? (Score 1) 178

I'm also tired of paying for "4G" that Sprint never bothered to install in my area

I experienced the same thing from Sprint. When I bought a 4G phone in June of 2010, they told me that they would have 4G service in Phoenix within a few months. By the time I got a HTC One in 2013 4G was no closer to being in Phoenix, I only got to use it when I traveled to a place like Vegas. I wouldn't go back to Sprint, their coverage map claims that Phoenix is covered but other maps with actual results show spotty coverage where I live and work and very bad speeds.

Comment Re:A news? (Score 1) 178

So far, it seems the android phone makers' attitudes are to do only enough to sell the phones

Not all manufacturers are the same though. I had a Sprint/HTC phone which fit that model, eventually they just stopped releasing updates for it. It seemed like it was a pain for them to take a new version of Android, make all of the same changes and add all of the same non-removable apps back in, and release it as an update to the phone. I wouldn't want that job, for example, to keep making the same changes to newer versions of software. My OnePlus phone is different though, it's a first generation model and is still getting regular updates. Since they didn't heavily customize Cyanogenmod for the phone and they didn't install a bunch a pre-loaded apps for their own brand, sending out regular updates would seem like a much easier job. The major version Android updates I've gotten have made it feel like I got a new phone, which is the main reason I haven't bought the later models. But, when I do need a new phone, I'm much more likely to go buy from them again then go back to a phone tied to the carrier with the carrier's own junk loaded on it.

Comment Re: Criminal (Score 1) 507

CNN has already shown prime-time town hall events for both Johnson and Stein, they already are giving time to them. It's just not enough. But if 15 or 20% of people end up voting for third parties then during the next election cycle there will hopefully be a lot of people asking questions about why third party candidates are not included in the presidential debates, and those are questions that the Commission on Presidential Debates and the D and R parties do not want to answer. If the major candidates in the next election are anything like the crap we have in this one (and, statistically, one the candidates will be the same), then there are going to be a lot of people wondering why their candidates don't get to debate. It has nothing to do with popularity in the polls, and everything to do with who controls the debates. If you're not sure who controls the debates, look into the Commission on Presidential Debates to see who runs it. I'll give you a hint: their candidates always get to participate, and they always win the election. That's what needs to change, and enough people voting for third parties in this election will help swing the momentum away from the parties.

Comment Re:Criminal (Score 5, Insightful) 507

If other parties have a decent showing then it may force the media to start paying attention to the other parties. A third-party vote is not a non-vote, it is a vote against the 2-party system. The desired outcome is presidential debates which feature more than 2 people, so that people can actually educate themselves about who represents them the best instead of voting based on fear.

Comment Re:Hillary for prison! (Score 1) 507

A conservative coworker last week went on what seemed to be an paranoid rant about the administration letting Hillary be elected in November and then indicting her and extending Obama's presidency because there was no clear succession of power.

Your conservative co-worker doesn't understand the constitution very well. Orrin Hatch would probably become president if Hillary was president-elect and immediately got impeached (or, the VP-elect, or the house would elect a new president; in no case would a third term be an option). Indicting her does not remove her from the presidency.

Comment Re:enable it? funny... I did the opposite (Score 1) 141

And backspace for back is so nice as it allows you to use the same hand as for the mouse.

You know what else allows you to use the same hand as the mouse? Mouse gestures. Hold down the right mouse button, move the mouse left, release the button, and the browser goes back. You can open and close tabs just as quickly, open any link in a new tab, go forward, etc. Chrome needs an extension for them, but some other browsers have them built-in.

Comment Re:Why isn't this configurable? (Score 1) 141

That's exactly what I was thinking. They could have made this a checkbox option in the settings page, but instead they removed the feature and then published an add-on to add it back in only 3 months later. All they had to do was add a checkbox and add an if statement into their key handler, that probably would have taken less than 3 months.

Comment Re:Worldwide news are always US only. (Score 2) 256

How would that work? Does it require someone to read through the fine print of every offer presented in every story and manually tag whether or not that story contains US-only news? When The Guardian reports on a US-only story, it doesn't sound like that process can be reliably automated.

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