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Submission + - Arm Holdings confirms Softbank is buying the chip designer for £24.3 (techcrunch.com)

Promus London writes: ÂIn the wake of the historic Brexit vote and the fall of the Pound, the UK is now witnessing its biggest-ever technology exit. Today, Arm Holdings confirmedÂthat Japan's Softbank Group has offered to pay £24.3 billion ($32 billion) to acquire the company — known for its chip designs for mobile handsets (Apple is a customer) as well as for processors that will power hardwareÂin⦠Read More

Comment With apologies to Lee Greenwood (Score 2) 287

I'm not proud to be an American
Cause I know that I'm not free
I pity all the men who died
So Bush and Obama could take my rights from me
Now let me stand up next to you
And defeat them still today
Cause there ain't no doubt they hate this land
Bush and Obama hate the USA...

Seriously, everyone responsible for the excesses of the National Sodomization of America should be extraordinarily rendered then executed without trial for treason.

Comment Re:Atleast for me.... (Score 1) 111

on the two or three occasions I couldn't get a Verizon signal, she has been able to get a good AT&T signal.

Anecdote time...
On Amtrak trains between Chicago and Carbondale, IL, Verizon seems to work almost the entire time, whereas all the other carriers have significant coverage dropouts.
On the other hand, I have issues with my cell phone in my home.


Submission + - AT&T Blocks 4chan (mashable.com)

Anonymous Coward writes: "According to this story, AT&T has banned 4chan and 4chan is not happy about it. Many folks on the 4chan boards are taking this as a declaration of war. There have been talks of retaliation on the 4chan boards ranging from disconnecting service to releasing information of the company's CEO. In any case, it might be interesting."

Submission + - AT&T Blocks Select 4chan Boards (spectralcoding.com) 3

SmarkWoW writes: "In what appears to be the first major steps toward stifling Net Neutrality, AT&T blocks a select few boards from the major imageboard 4chan. First reported by the official 4chan Status Blog, it appears that those who have residential AT&T DSL connections are unable to view certain boards on 4chan. The boards in question are /rk9/ and the infamous /b/. As most readers know, /b/ is the home of Anonymous, a large group of computer users responsible for spawning many memes such as RickRolling and LOLcats. Sources estimate that 15.5% of all internet users user AT&T DSL. A few short hours after reports of the blockage surfaced, members of /b/ have already begun to retaliate. The first strike appears to be toward the AT&T CEO, Randall Stephenson. Needless to say, this is going to get ugly."

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