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Comment Re:"...and the support of a solid OpenStack partne (Score 4, Insightful) 32

OpenStack is one of those half-finished open source projects that doesn't really give you all the pieces to do the job. A lot of people think it means you can have a turnkey private cloud with zero admin overhead - like AWS without paying for it. The reality is that keeping it up and running still requires a competent ops team.

Comment Re:Smalltalk (Score 2) 414

Smalltalk was pretty big in industry before C++ (and later Java) took over. You might not see it much anymore but it was pretty widespread in the late 80s through mid 90s with large business customers.

Comment Re:Speaking of a different RPG (Score 1) 321

In D&D, your rewards generally come from killing monsters in the form of experience points and loot.

It's a shame they moved away from the XP for treasure model. In the original editions, the game was pretty straightforward about your position as a graverobber that could easily be slaughtered by monsters.

Comment Re:This is ridiculous (Score 1, Insightful) 781

Is the anti-SJW crowd really this thin skinned?

Yes. There's vast armies of young white men who are so insecure in their identities that they must rage and rage and rage at anything that reminds them that there's other sorts of people in the world.

I don't remember being Slashdot being so fucking bitter & reactionary. Nearly every post in this thread is raging over an exchange that went like "I wanna call this shit 'BRO'" - "somebody might be offended" - "Oh, I can see that, let's do something else". This isn't protesters taking down some long-standing technical standard, it's simply somebody being slightly sensitive and empathic. I don't think MSFT ever got this much hate during their heyday as a Slashdot whipping boy.

Comment Re:Why is it (Score 1) 139

She's really more of an interesting footnote than an influential figure in computer programming and is largely unknown outside of computing circles.

Her father, OTOH, is one of the best known authors in the English language.

Comment Re:WIRED has it right (Score 1) 1044

This was a free vote of everyone who wanted to register to vote. You don't have to go to WorldCon to vote. Anybody who wants to register gets a vote.

This is a pants on head ridiculous idea in the age of the internet. Ignoring botnets & scripts stuffing the ballot, you can quickly rally up large numbers of people that don't even read science fiction to vote as a bloc in order to push some agenda. It's not even a popularity contest at this point but a measure of how much social media organization a group has.

Comment Re:I'm opposed to censorship (Score 1) 410

If you're that hateful, go post on Stormfront.

Stormfront doesn't even really want to be associated with the more extreme, violent individuals. They want to to keep a "clean" front and not be seen as promoting criminal activity.

That's right, Reddit was harboring the racists that even Stormfront wasn't going to let inside. Their posting guidelines (archive link so your browser history is safe) prohibit obscenity, racial epithets, threats of violence, general shitposting & other crap that fills Reddit's racist subs to the brim.

Comment Re:Hmmm. (Score 2) 410

It's pretty simple. If you give racists a home on your site, they will start congregating on your site (because nobody else will let them post their openly racist bullshit). The thing is, they don't just stick to the explicitly racist forums, they'll start using the whole site, as any other user. When you have a sizable number of racist users, submitting links, making comments and voting to increase the visibility of content as an organized bloc (remember, all links & comments on Reddit are pushed to the top based on user votes, not admin/moderator/editor fiat), the result is that the entire site, even the "non-racist" parts gets regular doses of white supremacist propaganda.

The core demographic of Reddit, young middle-class white males, is exactly who white supremacists want to recruit. They're naive enough to buy into the "oppression of the white race" narrative that white supremacists continually spew.

To put this in perspective, it's been estimated that Reddit's racist subs currently have more traffic than Stormfront - historically the center of online white supremacist activity.

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