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The Internet

Submission + - Wikipedia - Problem administrators?

Moryath writes: Following the story on Fuzzy Zoeller the other day, I saw a Digg Link scrolling around, and it caught my eye. Apparently a former admin from Wikipedia who's been exposing abuses in the system got booted from their private mailing list for exposing some serious corruption. What's worse, some real nasty comments came in to the livejournal he wrote at.

He traced the IP of the comments back far enough to link it to one David Gerard, a high-ranking admin and (not coincidentally) a listmod to that same mailing list who's got a real mean streak.

Could Wikipedia's real problem be administrators who keep doing things like this?

They have a funding drive coming up soon. Stuff like this makes me not want to donate. Why would I give money to people who can't be honest?
The Media

Submission + - Human interest, Pennies to Dollars

Legion420 writes: "I, Patrick Proctor, have been gathering pennies from my tips working at tim hortons for 2 years, and have posted them online in an attempt to generate more interest in the story of how I came to have 1700 dollars in pennies (CDN) pennies take a while to add up, but I have placed them online to try and earn that few more pennies to make finishing my last year of the degree that much easier, as I already have max student loans to pay. the web page is plz check it out"

Submission + - Student Newspaper Article Sparks Debate

An anonymous reader writes: A Sophomore who wrote an her first editorial for a small school newspaper called the Woodlan Tomahawk about accepting homosexuals has ignited a strong debate about how much schools can censor and control student press. The advisor for the student newspaper, Amy Sorrel, was even warned for insubordination, and the school principal is demanding to approve every issue before it goes to print. Sorrel is fighting the decision. You can read about the entire mess on a local newspaper website including the student's original article that sparked this whole debate.
The Courts

Submission + - Cyberbullying, schools and a principal's authority

Noogie patrol writes: How much power does a school have to control cyberbullying? Just-introduced legislation in the state of Washington will require school districts to create policies to deal with the problem, but the legal waters are murky, as court guidance is scarce: 'The issue is further complicated by questions about whether cyberullying takes place on school property or not. School officials do not generally have control over what students do outside of school, but, as the First Amendment Center reports, even this issue is complicated. Students who threaten or harass other students using school equipment or during school time can most likely be sanctioned, but even students who do such things from home face the possibility of school discipline under the "substantial disruption of the educational environment" ruling from the Tinker v. Des Moines Independent Community School District case from 1969.'

Submission + - Ants 'Hate Each Other' But Work Together

notyavgkat writes: " _coexist.html Different ant species can coexist because, as the saying goes, where one is weak another is strong. In what researchers describe as "un-peaceful coexistence," multiple ant species stake out the same territory and compete for the same food, but no single species wins out since some are better at finding resources and others better at guarding them."

Submission + - Selling Homeowners a Solar Dream

slugo writes: "Instead of making you spring for $25,000 or more in gear, Citizenr says it will loan you a complete rooftop solar power system, install it for free and sell you back the power it generates at a fixed rate below what your utility charges. The company hopes to make back its investment with those monthly payments, augmented by federal tax credits and rebates."

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