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Comment FreeCode aka (Score 1) 1310

Was freecode / freshmeat included? Please, please, please - this is one site I was sorry to see go. There was so much history and potential there along with the old school slashdot. I hope it was, and there is some plan for necromancy.

I've followed this site since it was CmdrTaco's blog (though as AnonCoward until explosion of hot grits). I doubt it's possible to recapture the late 90's / early 2000's style community here, but I second a lot of the comments about bringing back the older focus of the site.

Also - please let us change usernames!!!! My uid ain't that high, but I'd rather like to switch to my normal online moniker and not lose past karma / connections. If not changing the username, at least let us change display name.

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