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Comment Re:Dear Users... (Score 1) 336

For a tablet/touchscreen device, the Windows 8+ is doing okay but it's the crappiest system to ever use for a desktop. Two apps, side-by-side, are you kidding? I have 4 operations in dual screen right now on Windows 7, and I can be swamped by as many as 10 at a time. Sure, Windows 8 may have the desktop app but is it an app or is it the desktop?

Comment Of Course... (Score 1) 387

Of course it betrays his vision. The reality is is that the market is a battle field, and to have a monopoly in the education sector, you'd better not be making much bank off of it. Are either Apple, Inc. or Microsoft Corp. non-profit? No. The next contender could be Google, Inc. but they're not non-profit. Last time I looked at the trading tickers, Google was making more bank than Microsoft.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation is the only one that could deliver on his vision, but it's based in the UK and it's for the UK.

This is the USA. Do we make much sense anymore?

Comment Re:And The Poverty Divide Grows (Score 1) 312

When will we move away from currencies? It seemed a good idea when there were fewer people, and society was small but clearly, the system is not designed for these numbers -- and upper class people tend to change the rules often.

I'd also like to participate in economics without having to evaluate how much a currency is being traded.

William Harrison in a 1840 speech (making the rich richer and the poor poorer) Shelley in 1840 said That the rich have become richer and the poor poorer. In modern times, Stanley Lebergott states that under a free market, the rich get rich and the poor get poorer. Source

The digital divide will soon encompass the poverty divide

Comment Romney Is Full of %*#% (Score -1) 420

Romney believes net neutrality will restrict ISPs, and that they alone should govern their networks. The governor has stated that he wants as little regulation of the internet as possible

Then, Romney should be in favor of net neutrality since he's in favor of smaller government? I don't understand why anyone will vote for this man when he clearly wants to increase regulation, which will cause an increase demand for regulators thus expanding government/commercial authority.

I will not be voting for Romney; he talks out his ass.

In full support of Obama's stance. I might be able to see eye-to-eye with Ron Paul.

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