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Comment Interesting real-world use for AXP (Score 1) 121

Well, I work for a company that has been developing an application that runs on AXP that I would consider somewhat interesting.

In Germany they have mandated a decentralised health care IT infrastructure that enables people to store and manage identity (X509 certificates) and health related information on a smartcard (think ePrescription, HMO contract data, emergency data).

This system has rather hard requirements to security that involve among other things a sort of dedicated hardware platform that mediates between patient and doctor smartcards and a secure backend.

Since the CISCO ISR brings with it the entire network stack and it has this AXP platform for deploying applications on Linux, it's a pretty good match. We write our software in Java, expose a web service to the doctor/pharmacy system, talk to card readers in the LAN and establish VPN tunnels to the backend.

Since you have a dedicated hardware box doing this with a certified firewall, hardened Linux and a certified application stack you are able to provide a pretty robust device that has near-zero maintenance overhead. You drop it in the physician's network, do an initial setup and then forget about it.

The only link I can come up with on the fly is this marketroid page that lists our "solution".

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