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Comment Re:Russia Playing Catch Up To Corporations (Score 0) 106

I'm no fan of May's government, and I tend to agree about the (lack of) mandate. I think there should have been a general election when Cameron resigned. However, my definition of a dictatorship, is, no elections, no opposition party, no independent judiciary. Think, Hitler, Mussolini, Peron, Stalin, Pol Pot etc. We're not there yet.

Comment Re:Russia Playing Catch Up To Corporations (Score 1) 106

Paranoid much!! I'm not allowed to take a phone/camera into testing facilities, server rooms etc to stop accidental/deliberate leakage of customer data. This seems to me like an obvious step any government with half a brain between them would take to secure meetings such as this. No need to invoke the OTT 'authoritarian/dictator' rhetoric. Get real

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