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Comment Re:Awesome. How do I do that? (Score 4, Informative) 148

I haven't used this place, but here's one place that will do small one-off machining jobs for you: . That's been sitting in my bookmarks for "future reference" for a while now :)

Looks like they want you to use their own cad software, which apparently can estimate the cost while you work on the design. I bet some googling can find other, similar, shops.

Comment Re:Myth (Score 1) 415

Battery "memory", to an engineer/pedant, is a different phenomenon than the reduced capacity you
noticed with batteries for electric power tools. "memory" applies when the battery is discharged by a certain amount, then recharged, then discharged to exactly the same state again. The only believable story I've heard about this involved NiCads in a satellite that discharged during the satellite's night and charged during its day. It was important that the satellite used exactly the same amount of energy each cycle (to within less than 1%). Memory is supposed to be a myth because those conditions rarely apply to anything. Hell, maybe the satellite story is made-up too, I don't know :)

On the other hand, most (all?) types of batteries are expected to lose capacity over time.

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