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Re:Who shot first?  *Thursday May 04, 2006 @08:50AM  1
   attached to Classic Star Wars Trilogy Finally on DVD
Mars Climate Orbiter -- English/metric SNAFU  *Tuesday November 08, 2005 @12:11PM  2, Informative
   attached to History's Worst Software Bugs
Effects are hellish on ISP tech support troops  *Thursday July 07, 2005 @12:00PM  1
   attached to Non-Technical Users Talk Malware
"Define the universe. Give three examples."  *Wednesday July 06, 2005 @12:25PM  1
   attached to Scientists Complete Universe Millennium Simulation
I don't think this is a new idea  *Saturday May 21, 2005 @01:40PM 2 1
   attached to Push a Button, Land on a Carrier
troll bait  *Friday May 20, 2005 @08:39AM  2, Insightful
   attached to Windows Cheaper to Patch Than Open Source?
Re:When they say 'coding'  *Thursday May 05, 2005 @11:45AM  1
   attached to The Unemployed Working on OSS Projects
Reuben  *Monday March 21, 2005 @06:38PM  1
   attached to Poll: Favorite Sandwich?
The Death Star(s)  *Friday November 12, 2004 @01:21PM  1
   attached to Poll: Favorite SF alternative to boring planets?
...and desperate to get it back  *Tuesday October 26, 2004 @05:10PM  1
   attached to Poll: Year You First Became Root?
Linked article's title seems presumptious  *Saturday October 23, 2004 @11:36AM  2, Insightful
   attached to How Technology Failed in Iraq
What an agonizing choice  *Saturday October 23, 2004 @09:55AM  1
   attached to Poll: Favorite Sci-Fi Movie Heroine?
O frabjous joy  *Thursday October 21, 2004 @03:56PM  1
   attached to Will Your Next Car Run Windows?
From the article...  *Thursday October 21, 2004 @04:59PM  1
   attached to Software Piracy Due to Expensive Hardware, Says Ballmer
Short stories  *Tuesday October 12, 2004 @03:08PM  1
   attached to Ask Neal Stephenson
Re:I might one day read the Baroque cycle...  *Monday September 20, 2004 @07:11PM 1 1
   attached to The System of the World
mirror SORELY needed  *Monday August 23, 2004 @12:44PM  1
   attached to Composite Of Earth At Night
My idea of a no-trespassing sign...  *Monday August 23, 2004 @12:10PM  1
   attached to Poll: Favorite Warning Sign?
Dodged the bullet in central SC  *Saturday August 14, 2004 @05:12PM  1
   attached to Poll: Worried about the hurricane?
Would this work?  *Thursday July 29, 2004 @09:06AM  1
   attached to What Will It Take For eBook Adoption?
very minor editorial quibble...  *Sunday April 04, 2004 @07:09AM  0, Redundant
   attached to XPde 0.5 - A Linux Desktop for Windows Users
my biggest concern  *Sunday April 04, 2004 @07:32AM  1
   attached to Red Hat Recap
They made me think of a bit of Shakespeare  *Saturday April 03, 2004 @11:07AM  3, Insightful
   attached to Sun and Microsoft Make Nice
Ms. Ripley, white courtesy telephone please.  *Thursday March 04, 2004 @07:33PM  1
   attached to Powered Exoskeleton Legs

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