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Comment There's a lot of garbage to throw out... (Score 1) 129

Well, It' very good idea to have KDE without Akonadi and Nepomuk. Only this can make KDE lightweight. :)) That are the parts I always turn off and I'd love to get rid of entirely. MySQL is another piece of shit that must be cleaned out. If some developer needs "select my,shit from config where other=shit and blahbalbal" to read simple app config, then it's clinic. I used Kmail for years and when it started to use mysql and Akonady I switched to Thinderbird because I do not need all this smartass stuff done by e-mail client in background. So, there's a lot of stuff to simplify in KDE.
But "Less tuning" sounds as not good idea because users love KDE of it's flexibility.

Comment ist CRIME to force me to buy what I do not want! (Score 1) 475

Consumer have the right to buy what he wants to buy. I want "clean", standard-complaint hardware without any crap from Microsoft. It should be optional. If some customer wants it, he/she pays and gets it. If I do not want it because I'm not going to use it, I have right to buy product without the crap. Forcing me to pay for things I do not want to by and do not want to use is CRIME. So, Microsoft is pushing vendors and resellers to commit CRIME.

Comment Re:It is not your device because you do not contro (Score 1) 389

Well, you are :) But how you can be so sure about things they can do and can not do with your computer? Can you read source code of entire shit that installed on? Do you use crystal ball?

OK, forget my paranoia. Microsoft and Apple are very good people, the can not do such shit to you. What about malware authors? Are you sure your Windows computer is not infected?

Insanity sometimes is near to genius... But stupidity never. :)

Comment New genius thing from Lennart! (Score 1) 433

Well, we have enough examples of wonderful pieces of programming art and creativity of Mr. Poettering. I wander if all of RedHat's top-programmers are genius?
Lennart's systemd is broken by design and pain in the ass, his PulseAudio is pain in the ass for each man who works with sound on Linux, his lidaemon is constantly unfinished and semi-working masterpiece...

This guy is just a soul of destruction. He breaks everything he touches.
Hey, RadHat management guys!!! Do you ever read what people think about your programmers?

PS. Yes, I remember that BSD is irrelevant, according to Mr. Poeterring. That's why I'm going to throw away all RedHat's stuff from my computers at home and at work until it's too late and replace it by FreeBSD and OpenBSD. Hope, BSD community is sane enough to keep guys like this one as far as possible.


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