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Comment Re:We don't need as many computer scientists (Score 1) 493

compilers and related research was at the forefront of technology itself

Excellent point dude. Computer science as a means to profit has become the application of computer technology to specific domains: financial securities trading, automobile ignition systems, sound engineering, microwave oven design, defense systems. Why specialize in a tool you can hire somebody to use for you, when you can specialize in the domain itself?

The change happened when computers got enabled as feasible tools. While there's still progress to be made, CS itself has lost the limelight, and things will probably stay that way until a paradigm shift fundamentally alters the field, maybe say when computers are no longer Turing machines.
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Journal Journal: I love Slashdot

Wow. I cannot believe I never knew about Slashdot until now. Where have you been all my life? I am so hooked. /. is like totally sweet. SWEET!!! Man, this is the greatest site ever. I'm going to check it everyday until I die. =D

I did know about Slashdot! My friend David told me abour it three years ago!!! THERE! but it never really interested me because .. it's.. um... boring to me. Sorrie.

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