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Submission + - diaspora* version released ( 1

jaywink writes: A new diaspora* version is out. It includes a lot of pages ported to Bootstrap, many bug fixes and small enhancements. Also included is a Terms of Service -feature for podmins. Diaspora* is an open source social networking server that joins all running pods into one big decentralized social network.

Comment Re:All of the current options disappoint me (Score 1) 146

I should be more specific about this statement. It's not so much each option such as Owncloud that dissapoints me, but the fact that syncing to a server is the standard way to deal with the problem. I'm sure owncloud does a fine job if that's the way you want to sync your contacts and I'd damn sure prefer it to syncing with google but it would be nice to be able to sync directly to a computer.

Comment All of the current options disappoint me (Score 1) 146

I was just looking into this myself so the timing of this /. artical is funny to me. None the less, I find all of the options to be inadequate. I think the idea of syncing to servers is nice and suits some people, whether it is your own server or someone elses but whatever happended to being able to just sync to the one or two computers that you use on a daily basis? Nothing I know of really seems to do that with an Android phone. Even Apple iThings have that capability!!!!! Why can't someone roll(google, I'm looking at you) a decent way for this to be done with a stock Android phone. Even if they just wrote a spec that all Android releases would conform to then that would give third parties the ability to write programs to interact with the phone in that way. There would no doubt be useful programs written that were both Free/Libre software and non-free. As of now though, my vote is to roll my own server to sync to for now. I don't want google/dropbox/RandomCompanyThatIsTheNext"BIG"Thing to have my data whenever they want it. I think there are some real privacy concerns with that idea in general. Not to mention to gives incentive to companies to take the user's control away from them just for the sake of maintaining subscriptions.

Comment Re:ZeroCoin (Score 1) 287

This isn't the first time that RMS has proposed something like this. He's talked about it since before he was aware of bitcoins and it stems from the problems presented by companies such as PayPal. I think that people tend to forget just how much coding RMS HAS done in the past. From what I understand he has problems with his fingers that cause him a lot of pain when he spends too much time typing. He even had(and maybe still has) a small keyboard that he would connect to his notebook because the keys were easier to press and it hurt less. A person with that problem probably isn't capable of much coding anyway. It's really easy for people to take stabs at RMS because he's quirky and doesn't always say or beleive the most popular things. It's funny because we want our politicians to be more real and honest but when people like RMS are real and honest we want them to be more like politicians.

Comment Re:Idiots (Score 5, Insightful) 433

If you feel this way then you need to let the W3C know. Join their mailing list and let them know how you feel. Right now they pretty much have a Netflix employee defending everything he can about DRM. The only people in opposition to it on that mailing list right now have a very small voice. Jump on and voice this opinion. Overwhelm them the way that we overwhelmed them with PIPA and SOPA.

Comment Re:Ubiquiti Wireless (Score 1) 172

I have one of their cameras in use as well. I didn't even try their program I just used ZoneMinder directly. That works pretty well actually. I couldn't do a direct video stream to the system and ended up running it through ffmpeg but it is still working well. My biggest complaint with the camera is the cheap plastic mount. If you use the camera outdoors then the wind blows the camera and causes a motion event. Other than that it's great for the price.

Comment Re:Exactly. (Score 2) 529

Yes. I strongly believe he is wrong on every substantial issue he raises. I think his use of copyright law to force sharing (the GPL) is a clever legal hack, but his desire to prioritize the "freedom" of systems over those systems actually doing anything useful is totally unreasonable.

You are entitled to your opinion. The fact of the matter, though, is that there are thousands(being conservative) of useful software packages that are free. Being free is a major priority but being free only matters when the software is useful. In fact RMS didn't even like Unix back when he started the GNU project but he realized that in order to have a really USEFUL system it needed to be portable. Unix was a good fit for that. Freedom was not good without a useful system and the same holds true today.

Software freedom is so much less importsant than other forms of freedom (freedom from slavery, freedom of speech, freedom of association, etc) in the real world that I can't take his writing seriously.

RMS himself has stated that software freedom takes a back seat to more important moral issues in the world. He knows this and you should too being that you've claimed to have read all of his essays. Additionally, as more and more aspects of our daily lives are controlled by software this issue has become important. As Lawrence Lessig has written: "Code is Law".

Given his childish behavior, rant-laden writing style, and inability to express a coherent argument, I am sure the vast majority of software developers have never bothered to learn what his actual positions are.

I think much of that has to do with the fact that most people learn of Linux and want to know more. They do some research and stumble upon Linus Torvalds. Many never even hear of RMS until an article like this one is posted to ./ or some other tech site. Most times it's just a forum to bash RMS for his eccentricity. It's the popular thing to do right now.

The only people who can stand to listen to him are those who forgive those traits because they already agree with what he says. You can't expect to grow a movement that way, even if your movement has a purpose that makes sense.

The movement grows based on its principles, not on the people that started it.

Comment A chronicle of your experiences. (Score 1) 573

Richard, I know of all of the essays you've written but have never come across any detailed writings about your experiences in putting together the GNU project and writing different tools. Have you ever thought about describing your experiences and publishing those writings? I'd be very interested in learning more about specific experiences you've had and specific problems you've encountered. Getting a perspective of what you were thinking when you encountered various problems and the thought process you used to solve these problems could be useful to other people when similar problems are encountered. Your general philosophy is well documented but I'm sure there are many technical problems you've been able to solve that many people don't know about or would like to know more about. Thank you for your contributions to Free Software!

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