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Social Networks

Facebook User Arrested For a Poke 394

nk497 writes "A woman in Tennessee has been arrested for poking someone over Facebook. Sharon Jackson had been banned by courts from 'telephoning, contacting or otherwise communicating' with the apparent poke recipient, but just couldn't hold back from clicking the 'poke' button. She now faces a sentence of up to a year in prison."
Input Devices

Eee Keyboard Details Released 166

Details on the new Eee keyboard, previously held secret during the FCC filing, have now been made available. You can now take a look at the innards and a full spec sheet detailing exactly what is being promised. "Beneath the 5-inch, 800 x 480 pixel touch panel (with stylus) we'll be getting Windows XP Home running on an Intel Atom N270, 945GSE / ICH7-M chipset with Broadcom AV-VD905 video decoder, 1GB of DDR2 memory, either 16GB or 32GB of flash storage, 4-hour battery, Bluetooth, 802.11b/g/n WiFi, gigabit Ethernet, HDMI and VGA outputs, integrated stereo speakers and mic, 3x USB, headphone and mic jacks, and external WiFi / UWB antenna. The Eee Keyboard's on-board Ultra-Wideband (UWB) throws 720p content to your TV within a 5-meter range (10-meters for non-video transmissions) via a UWB receiver packing 2x USB ports, another mini-USB port, audio out, and HDMI."

Comment Re:Is it just me (Score 0) 130

It's £9.99 in the UK, which would buy you about 1 new album per month (which you get to keep). For the same price, from Spotify, you get all you can eat music, on your computer and/or smartphone. If you listen to more than 1 new album per month it's worth it.

Phoenix Lander Discovers Nighttime Snowfall On Mars 48

Many outlets are reporting on the recently released results of the various experiments and observations of NASA's Mars Phoenix Lander. Most notable is the discovery of nighttime snowfall on the planet, lending credibility to the idea of a hypothesized active water cycle based on earlier data collection. "The papers rely on evidence from a variety of the instruments on the lander, and the description of the data provides an impressive catalog of the various ways that Phoenix could prod and query the Martian pole. In the months before Martian winter shut the lander down, it managed to dig a dozen trenches, taking soil samples from each. These samples went into wet and dry chemistry labs, had their conductivity tested, and were even examined using an atomic force microscope. Meanwhile, cameras and a LIDAR system (a laser-based range detector) scanned the surroundings. The overall conclusion is that the northern pole has an active water cycle. This had been suggested by a variety of evidence from orbital sensors, as well early images returned from Phoenix. It's also not a huge shock, given the seasonal growth and retreat of the polar ice cap. Still, Phoenix provided some significant details on the cycling of water in the area where it landed."
Internet Explorer

Submission + - AntiVirus Products fail to find Simple IE malware ( 4

SkiifGeek writes: "Didier Stevens recently took a closer look at some Internet Explorer malware that he had uncovered and found that most antivirus products that it was tested against (courtesy of VirusTotals) failed to identify the malware through one of the most basic and straight forward obfuscation techniques — the null-byte. With enough null-bytes between each character of code, it is possible to fool all antivirus products (though additional software will trap it), yet Internet Explorer was quite happy to render the code.

Whose responsibility is it to fix this behaviour? Both the antivirus / antimalware companies and Microsoft's IE team have something to answer for."

Emulation (Games)

Submission + - Transgaming abondoning cedega Or unable to fix WoW ( 3

Anonymous writes: Traditionally, TransGaming has responded quickly to WoW patch issues and not only communicated its efforts via its Web site and user forum, but issued a game engine update that fixes the problem within a matter of days. This time around, though, TransGaming representatives have ignored the 2.2.0 patch problems and refused to respond to bug reports and forum posts related to these issues. When I sent TransGaming a press request email asking what was going on, I was not given the benefit of a reply. ........ The only good news is, the latest Wine release solves all of the problems that Cedega has with WoW patch 2.2.0, so you don't need to go running back to Windows just yet, but you do need to install and configure Wine. Hope you're not missing out on any raids in the meantime.

Submission + - Entire UK population to be added to DNA database?

john.wingfield writes: The BBC and the Times are reporting that a senior judge, Lord Justice Sedley, has today called for the whole UK population and every visitor to be compulsorily added to the national DNA database.

However, just under two weeks ago, the Independent reported that the Government has admitted that over half a million names (an eighth of all records) on the DNA database are false, misspelt or incorrect, potentially breaching the 4th data protection principle of the Data Protection Act 1998: 'Personal data shall be accurate and, where necessary, kept up to date.'

Submission + - Swedish OOXML vote declared void (

Pysslingen writes: "The swedish vote concerning OOXML was declared void. One participant in the group has been accused of casting their vote twice. Sweden will in all probability abstain from the vote on September 2nd. Link in Swedish only. IDG article: (in Swedish only) SIS (Swedish standards) link: (also in Swdish only)"

Submission + - Should Satellite Navigation Devices Be Banned?

Buzd writes: I was just reading a blog post on CNet from the mobile phone editor, who talks about being cut up by someone using a sat-nav. This has happened to me more than once and it's made me wonder whether or not sat-nav use should be regulated, i.e. you need a licence to use one, or banned completely. It's just not safe driving near someone who thinks that 'turn left' means turn left 'right' now.
Role Playing (Games)

Submission + - Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition Announced

Anthony Boyd writes: "The official D&D page over at the Wizards of the Coast site now has a counter running with a few hours left (as I write this). It hints at something having to do with the number 4. Well, the cat's out of the bag. One company published an article a day early. And Wizards itself apparently left a hidden forum open to the public for an hour or two. By the time this hits the Slashdot front page, much more may have been revealed: 4th edition of D&D is coming. Nerds, get out your d20s. It's a whole new party."

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