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Comment Re:How Difficult Is It Really? (Score 3, Insightful) 198

I believe it is actually more difficult than it would appear, mainly because you need to give people access to the machine to enter the candidates and when you do that, you are potentially giving them access to do other things. That said, the problem is not insurmountable. I would suggest open-sourcing the software and the hardware design. There are enough people that are interested in this problem that I expect that it would be well supported and potential security flaws found and fixed quickly. It would also greatly reduce the development costs. We would still need companies and governments to work together to build and certify the machines, but everyone could be working off a common, open blueprint.

Submission + - SF author Simon Haynes argues against ebook DRM (

Simon Haynes writes: "E-books face two major hurdles before consumers take to them in big numbers: They're too expensive, and most are encumbered with restrictive DRM.

Simon Haynes is the author of the bestselling, award-winning Hal Spacejock series. His novels have just been released as DRM-free ebooks, and in this article he explains why he spent 12 months convincing his publisher it was the right way to go."

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