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Comment Re: TNSTAAFL (Score 2) 272

Private schools do an excellent job of dumping high cost students (ADHD, special needs, etc) on the public schools, and then babbling about how they're more cost-efficient.
Show me ONE private school that matches the public school's mandate to accept all "last resort" students, and then we'll compare efficiency. Good luck finding one.
Until then, it's just comparing apples to lying assholes.

Comment Re:Real men (Score 1) 430


The reason documentation sucks in Linux is because programmers are writing it. It's not because of the myth that programmers can't write, it's because writing is not really their passion-- creating the programs is. I mean, give me a choice between fixing/improving my code and documenting it, and the choice is pretty damn obvious.

One thing I learned in my tech writing days-- programming ALWAYS outpaces code. ALWAYS. A business can keep that in check (or not, which is frequently and increasingly the case), but in FOSS the programmers are just going to run away with their passions (and rightfully so) while the documentation lags. Someone might try to write some documentation for software they love after the fact, but the FOSS release cycle is such that the documentation will be outdated before it's completed. Very unsatisfying.

Bad documentation is the price we pay for FOSS. Generally, I think FOSS is worth it.

If I had money lying around, I'd try to setup a clearinghouse for web boards dedicated to answering questions as they come up, and create the best damn search interface I could. In short, a better system of what we kinda of have now.

Comment Re:What is the point (Score 1) 88

There's not a lot in it for the consumer. Surprise!

For Samsung, however, moving away from Android likely gets them out of an expensive and pointless proxy war with Apple. That's a big deal for Samsung.

Apple's Android vendetta has been about Holy Vengeance Upon Google from the beginning, not really about Samsung. If Samsung could gain a platform that they won't be sued over for including basic functions, Samsung could get back to the business of making smartphones, rather than being a professional defendant.

Making smartphones is actually something Samsung does phenomenally well. Also, Tizen is targeted at other gadgets (read: tablets and smart TVs), other areas of Samsung strength.

The downside for Samsung is that Tizen does not yet have an app-building community like iOS or Android, and it would take years to build one. This looks like Samsung testing waters to me.

Comment Re:Android is Open... (Score 1) 186

Although the source code is open, part of the value proposition is to access the Android store. Google, by tying together search and access to the android store, is doing "bundling". Since they are probably a monopoly, this bundling of services may be illegal as is reduces competition (in search and in store services).

There's nothing that forces the device to use Android Market. Cell companies can and do provide alternatives, sometimes making them the dominant app store or eliminating the Android Market entirely.

Comment Re:Just another... (Score 1) 286

Where does it say this is about web site views?

And the answer is "Where it says it's about measured browser usage data in the first line of the summary".

Or if you actually read the article (yeah. right - you couldn't even read the first line of the summary), click on any of the links in the table and select by browser.


Does it really have to be this way?

Despite your mean-spirited assertion, clicking the link DOES NOT provide any information about whether this is market share by: total browser views, unique browser, etc. It just asserts the nebulous term "market share" without any real explanation of what that meant or how it's calculated. When you click on the table link as you suggest, it just shows a breakdown by month. Click on the browser type, and it just shows the first table again, except only for whatever browser you chose. It doesn't answer my question at all.

Kind of like you.

Obviously, the Slashdot summary doesn't seem backed up by the document linked. You'd think you'd have noticed this since you read so diligently, but maybe flaming is more important to you.

The only thing dumber than a stupid RTFA flame is a RTFA flame where the flamer didn't really read the article or bother to understand the post. Grow up.

Comment Re:Android tablets too (Score 1) 286

If they're talking about traffic VOLUME, how can you possibly compare internet access by Android when all those iPads are being lumped in here with the mobile phones?

Why wouldn't Archos, Acer Iconia, ASUS Eee Pad, Motorola Xoom, B&N Nook Color, Amazon Kindle Fire, and other tablets running Android be lumped in with Android traffic volume?

They would be. Do you think the numbers of Android tabs versus iOS tabs are so close as to be a wash?

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